Watch: Who shot Melita Monama on Skeem Saam?

Melita gears up for her meeting with Meikie

Melita’s shooting is one of the most unexpected things to happen. Melita is one troublesome person, and since the beginning of the tender debacle, she has grown even more problematic. The list of her enemies has grown since she crossed the Meikie and John Maputla.

The last time we saw Melita, she was lying in her pool of blood, shot in the chest. This is the most shocking thing to happen, and we are all going through our minds trying to understand and answer the question, who shot Melita and Why?

Watch Melita’s shooting below:

Without wasting any more time, let’s go through the list of suspects.

1. Meikie Maputla

The first person we all thought of was Mrs Maputla herself. She was released from prison, and a few days later, Melita was shot. We all know that Meikie would want to shoot Melita for many reasons.

She had a messy and very public affair with John Maputla. Melita also started the tail of the famous Maputla Yellow file, and she is one of the instigators of the community protests against Meikie Maputla.

Meikie Maputla is suspected of shooting Melita
Meikie Maputla. Image: Skeem Saam/Twitter

That’s reason enough for Meikie to want her dead, right? But not so fast. Remember that Meikie doesn’t have the gun anymore; the police confiscated it and that at the time of Melita’s shooting, she was sitting in her living room with John watching TV; besides Meikie wouldn’t risk going back to that prison for anything, not after she fought for her appeal so much

2. John Maputla

John doesn’t want Meikie out of prison, and he will do anything to keep her in jail. He cannot even hide his unhappiness about her freedom. John was in the house when Melita got shot, but could he have paid someone else to do it?

John Maputla is suspected of shooting Melita
John Maputla. Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

3. Celia and Alfred Magongwa

The following people who would want Melita dead are Celia and Alfred Magongwa. Melita knows that they lied about the University tender, and she found out that Magongwa was the one who wore those horrible shoes in the field when she saw Alfios receive a bribe. There is only one problem, though, the Magongwa don’t own a gun, plus they have nothing to gain by killing the elite at this point since the whole tender case has since gone cold.

Skeem Saam: Friday 11 February 2022 - Magongwa is locked out of an important account
Magongwa is locked out of an important account. Image Credit: Twitter/SkeemSaam

4. Octavia and Jonathan

Octavia and Johnathan have been on a mission to bring Meikie down.

These two have a bizarre fixation on Meikie. They planned to murder MaNtuli so that Meikie could spend her whole life in jail. They probably thought shooting Melita would make more impact in framing Meikie.

Octavia is marinating the worst kind of betrayal dish for Meikie
Octavia is marinating the worst kind of betrayal dish for Meikie. Image: Instagram/Skeem Saam

Melita is just collateral damage.

Melita’s shooting might not have anything to do with Melita but everything to do with Meikie.

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