Who has a better smile? House of Zwide’s Ona and Shoki impress Mzansi with their freeze-frame challenge

House of Zwide's Ona and Shoki - Source: Instagram

Mzansi puzzled by House of Zwide’s Ona and Shoki freeze-frame challenge. Cast members of the House of Zwide cast never cease to astound Mzansi with each appearance they make on social media. One who stars as Nefisa Mkhabela and Shoki who plays the character of Shalate Sekhabi recently participated in the freeze frame challenge to demonstrate how similar they are to twins. On House of Zwide, Nefisa portrays Ona, and Shalate, in contrast, represents Shoki.

Shalate Sekhabi
Shalate Sekhabi – Image Credit : Instagram/Shalate Sekhabi

When the two took part in the freeze frame challenge on Tik Tok and demonstrated their similarities, Mzansi was left in awe. The freeze frame challenge involves people striking various poses as they record a video and repeatedly pausing it to hit the poses. Because of this, when Shalate made Nefisa participate in the trend with her, Mzansi was amazed by how much the two actresses resembled one another. Many people claimed that they would mistake the two for identical twins if they didn’t know any better.


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While many people were just amazed at how much they resembled one another, others were so in awe of how beautiful their smiles were that they were even voting in the comments section on who had the prettiest smile—even though the two women spent most of the video goofing around. It was a tie because Nefisa received support from the other half while Shalate‘s smile was loved by the next.

House of Zwide’s Ona and Shoki impress Mzansi with their freeze-frame challenge

In the television drama House of Zwide, Shalate Sekhabi plays the part of Shoki, a township girl who falls in love with the heir to a fashion house empire. When she is not portraying fictional characters, Shalate pursues other endeavours in addition to taking her role onscreen seriously. There have been many ups and downs in Shoki’s relationship with Nkosi Zwide, and it currently seems impossible for the two to be reconciled. Nkosi expresses optimism and admits that he cannot survive without Shoki.

Nefisa Mkhabela
Nefisa Mkhabela – Image Credit : Instagram/Nefisa Mkhabela

However, she decides that she will never see him again to be happy. Her friendship with Ona and Nomsa suffers because of the relationship, and she is determined to end it. However, the heart only sometimes pays attention. While not performing on screen, Shalate is a full-time pop musician. Her debut single, Lerato, available for streaming on all streaming services, came out in 2020. Shalate released a song called Trust toward the end of 2021, which fans enthusiastically embraced. The day after it was released, the love song became very popular.

Mkhabela Nefisa, a talented and rising South African actress, is adored on the other hand. In the television fashion drama series House of Zwide, she portrays an energetic Kasi fashion designer. The rising star actress has established herself as one of Mzansi’s most sought-after performers due to her extraordinary talent. She has been successful in winning over many people to her admiration since the release of House of Zwide.

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