Watch: Zakithi ‘Nokubonga Khuzwayo’ from Imbewu’s funny TikTok videos go viral

Zakithi 'Nokubonga Khuzwayo' from Imbewu's TikTok screenshots

Known as Zakithi from Imbewu: The Seed, the real name Nokubonga Khuzwayo is a fan favourite and has undoubtedly stolen many hearts. Her TikTok videos have gone viral on social media.

The actress’s age continues to shock many of her fans. She looks like she is still in her early 20’s, but she is 36 years old as of date. She was born on 15 January 1985.

Nokubonga Khuzwayo as Zakithi on Imbewu

One thing viewers loved about Nokubonga character was because she stood up to her father. Zakithi grew up in a wealthy family, and they had everything they wanted, and their future was set out for them. It was the typical wealthy family with an enormous company, so the kids are not allowed to follow their dreams; instead, they have to follow in the father’s footsteps whether they are comfortable with it. Zakithi wanted more out of life than to work for the family company. Although the company would have made her tons of money and made her earn people’s respect, she still did not want to partake. Usually, with these kids that are forced to take over the family’s company, their fathers are so pushy, they end up giving in, but Zakithi proved to be different. She refused and chose to travel the world instead. She didn’t just decide, she travelled the world. For the first few months of the show, Nokubonga’s character was just hearsay; she only properly joined the show after a while.

Nokubonga Khuzwayo on Imbewu

She eventually gave in to her father’s demands, but at a price, she wanted a more significant cut than promised and a very comfortable position in the company. Zakithi is a character who is led by passion, and she will do anything to get what she wants, even if it means hurting the ones she loves to; her business is business, so no one should take it personally.

Nokubonga in real life is funny.

Nokubonga seems to be more than just an actress but a person with lots of humour as well. Going through her Tik Tok page, you get to see and experience the real her. She honestly seems nothing alike to the character she portrays. She is sweet and kind and no, she’s not always grumpy or severe.

Watch Nokubonga Khuzwayo’s Tik Tok videos below


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