Watch: Uncle Waffles pays tribute to Beyonce by remaking Check on it 

Uncle Waffles and Beyonce

Uncle Waffles has been making huge moves in the entertainment industry, both in the local and international scene. Her career was cemented when a video of her perfoming Adiwele at a set that was not meant to be hers. She has gained many followers and is now a big shot as a DJ. To celebrate Halloween, Uncle Waffles dressed as one of the most iconic women in the music industry Beyonce.

Taking to her Instagram, Uncle Waffles shared a video of herself perfoming Beyoncè’s Check on it. In the video, Uncle Waffles reenacted Beyoncè ‘s pink looks, outfits, and dance moves. She put her flair to the companies and made the same dances in the video. The video was captioned:

Check up on it🤩 had to pay tribute to a living legend Happy halloween 🎃

Watch the video of Uncle Waffles perfoming Beyonce’s Check on it below:

It’s common knowledge that Uncle Waffles is a good dancer, as is shown when she performs on her sets. However, many have only seen her dancing to Amapiano, and the Hip hop moves she shows have managed to serenade her fans. Even the blond wig, like Beyonce, worked in her favour to nail her look and give her fans a treat.

Fans impressed by Uncle Waffles’ dance moves imitating Beyonce

In her comment section, people could not help but applaud the DJ for her effort and cute tribute. Celebrities like Kamo Mpela, Minnie Dlamini, Talkies, Shekhina and many more agreed on one thing: Uncle Waffles killed the performance. One Instagram user’s comment even gave her a nickname and called her Waffyonce, a combination of her name and Beyonce’s.

Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)

Uncle Waffles has had a lot of nods from International artists ever since she entered the scene as a DJ. The first one was from American rapper Drake, who started following the DJ when she blew up and has posted about her on his stories several times. Musician Kehlani also could not help but sing praises for Uncle Waffles on her recent visit to South Africa, where she said Waffles was the hottest talent currently. Other of her fans could not help but tag Beyonce on the post and hoped the musician would notice the DJ and say something about her talent or even try to work with her.

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