Watch trailer: LaConco is the new host for Our Perfect Wedding

LaConco is the new host for Our Perfect Wedding

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco, the newest member of the Our Perfect Wedding family, was congratulated by Mzansi. Since the show’s inception, there have been several hosts, and it seems that Lebogang Tlokana, the most recent host, did not appeal to many viewers.

Since the media revealed that LaConco was engaged to Jacob Zuma, she has been in the news frequently. Together, the two have a son who is one year old. After breaking up, LaConco was cast in the Real Housewives of Durban’s first season and quickly rose to popularity. LaConco shared a teaser of the upcoming season of the popular Mzansi Magic wedding show on social media to promote her latest job.LaConco is renowned for her charismatic demeanour and upholding of Zulu customs. She is, without a doubt, a breath of fresh air and fits the show perfectly because her personality connects with the idea of the program.

LaConco, who is highly secretive about her love life, was finally forced to clarify her relationship with Jacob Zuma. In an episode of The Real Housewives of Durban, she explained that she had found herself in a situation where she had fallen in love and had remained faithful to that love. Unfortunately, some people took a liking to that love and made it public when that was not what she intended. She emphasized that no one enters that type of relationship willingly, especially if they are young. She admitted that eventually, she had to come to terms with her situation and circumstances. Even though she admitted to dating again, she referred to her current partner as Petal. In an RHOD episode, Petal brought her flowers, and LaConco even mentioned that Petal had recently bought a yacht. She asserted that Petal is not as wealthy as was suggested.

LaConco – Image Credit :Instagram/Nonkanyiso Conco
LaConco – Image Credit :Instagram/Nonkanyiso Conco

She claimed that Petal didn’t own a yacht and had occasionally been looking for roommates. She clarified the misconceptions about her personality in an Instagram live video by stating that she has always been a private person, which is nothing new. She went so far as to say that her siblings feel the same way. “They have been researching me and finding information. I’m unsure if it’s because of my personality, but my siblings frequently express their relief that I haven’t had any scandals because everyone would have been talking about them.”

She may have her share of drama, but she is a hard worker who established her reputation as host of Ingane Yam’ and now Our Perfect Wedding after starting as just Zuma’s fiance.

Watch LaConco on Our Perfect Wedding below:

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