Watch: The shutdown begins tonight at the business hub on Uzalo as the tenants get evacuated

The shutdown begins tonight at the business hub on Uzalo as the tenants get evacuated

KwaMashu is surrounded by doom and gloom this week on Uzalo, and it is starting to show big time. Nonka is in jail, Hleziphi is missing, and the word around is that Nkunzi has kicked the bucket.

Days have never been this gloomy. The process for the shutdown started a few days ago when we all felt the heat after Mondli brought down the Calvary to search for drugs.

Nosipho and her tenants are trying to put up a fight, but it has all gone to hell as they say. The police descend on the hub and tear it apart because illegal substances have tainted it.

As we all know, Kwanda has taken Hleziphi to the darkest cave to torture her. The state Hlengiwe is in is horrible, and Kwanda, as we know him, has disappeared. The handsome charmer we all fell in love with has vanished.

We are now seeing a man desperate enough to beat on a helped woman while she is chained to a chair.
Kwanda is as desperate as Hlengiwe is but for different reasons.

Hlengiwe desperately wants Kwanda to let her go with her life intact, and Kwanda needs Hleziphi to give him his stash so he can disappear into thin air with his life because if she doesn’t, he is going to die. Kwanda has been beating Hleziphi to a pulp, but she is not caving.

Meanwhile, Nonka is in a jail cell. Mondli has also been trying to break her, but she doesn’t know anything, so that exercise has turned out futile.

Nonka on Uzalo. Source: Uzalo/Instagram

According to the grapevine, things will eventually start picking up at the hub, but it will take a miracle.

Njeza is going to go after Kwanda to find Hleziphi so he can help free Nonka from jail.
As far as the teasers go, Njeza will pull out all the stops to help his little sister and even torture Khanyisa.

The hub will be closed till further notice. Nosipho feels like her entire investment is going down the drain because of Nonka.

The good news is that by the following week, things will start to change; let’s hope everything will get back to normal as the hub has turned into a home.

Watch the video of the occupants at the hub reluctantly getting evicted by the police after a drug bust below:

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