Watch: The Queen’s Thando ‘Jessica Nkosi’ rapping Anele Zondo’s new song Ingwe

Jessica Nkosi shared a video of himself rapping Anele Zondo's song.

Jessica Nkosi is best known for her role in Isibaya and also as Thando on the Queen. She has shown her support for fellow actress Anele Zondo who released a hip hop song Ingwe.

After being on Isibaya for over six years, Jessica announced to her fans in 2020 that she would be leaving the show. She wanted to expand her wings in the entertainment and acting industry as she realized she was just known for one thing, her role on Isibaya and she felt as if that was limiting her.

Fans were in shock when it was revealed she was leaving Isibaya to join The Queen. On Isibaya, she played the role of a village girl named Qondi. A very innocent and humble would who love helping others, although she did not have much. Qondi moved on to marry the king and became Queen, where she gained everyone’s respect and many enemies as most of them also wanted to be powerful as her. She had many trying to bring her down, but she was an intelligent woman who could sense trouble coming from afar every single time.

jessica nkosi
Jessica Nkosi

On The Queen, her character is entirely different from Qondi. On this show, she is part of the criminals. Thando is a savage, and many thought Jessica wouldn’t pull off the Thando Sebata character. But she is an actress, and that’s what they do; they are good at pretending to be something they’re not. She proved wrong as she dominates the Thando character, although it’s nothing like the sweet character she played before. Jessica left Isibaya around a perfect time as the show was later cancelled. The show got cancelled because it wasn’t profiting Mzansi Magic anymore, so they decided to axe it, leaving many without jobs. But Jessica wasn’t part of the people who lost their income source as she had already left the show; she dodged a bullet.

Anele Zondo
Anele Zondo is trending with her single Ingwe

Jessica is also a baby mama to Ntokozo Dlamini, and they have a beautiful baby girl. The two hid their relationship from the public until Jessica decided to confess who her baby daddy was on her Twitter page as everyone kept asking her the same question. Jessica is a woman who loves to see other women succeed. Anele Zondo just released her song, and Jessica decided to make a video of herself jamming to it, singing it word for word!

Watch Jessica Nkosi rapping Anele Zondo’s new song Ingwe

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