Watch: The old Sbu is gone! Sbu goes head to head with Nkunzi and Gabisile hostage drama escalates tonight on Uzalo

Gabisile ends up in a life-threatening situation after ‘Helping out’ a radio listener

Since his return from jail, Sbu has wanted to tell Cool Kruger off and show him that his days of bossing him around are over.

Tonight the two will face off with one another, and Sbu gets a chance to get some things off his chest.

Sbu still holds a grudge against Nkunzi because he didn’t keep his word of releasing him from jail after the death of blogger Nomzamo at the Bhebhe distillery.

Njeza and Sbu have also approached Cool Kruger for their ride pimping business at KwaMashu, but he asked to be the majority shareholder of the business, which didn’t sit well with the two.

Sbu took Hlelo to Njomanes for a celebration dinner, where the blow-up will happen between the two.
Nkunzi found out that the two had started to work for the Magwaza, who had taken over and threatened his territory by hijacking trucks.

his is not the same Sbu you knew once, he don’t shine shoes no more
his is not the same Sbu you knew once, he doesn’t shine shoes anymore. Image: Instagram/Uzalo

Also, after Nkunzi nearly died while Sbu hosted a party, where Vika and his goons list it and start to shoot everywhere, it’s not very hard to understand why he doesn’t trust Njeza and Sbu.

Cool Kruger confronts Sbu and tells him to leave his Restaurant, but Sbu retaliates and tells the Red Bull to go to hell, and that Vika should have killed him.

Gabisile is locked down.

Gabi girl bit off more than she could chew, and now the chickens have come home to roost.

Mrs Skhosana is not playing any games and is a lioness on the loose. The woman is more dangerous because she is a little unhinged. Gabisile is left on her own in the studio to deal with this problem.

She tries to pull away from Mrs Skhosana, and that’s when the big knife comes out and goes straight to Gabi’s neck.

According to the storyline, things will get very hectic, and Nkunzi will have to get involved to save his love.

The woman has been abusive to her husband, which is a reverse of what GBV stories always tackle, where a woman is a victim.

This is an educational theme, where society is taught that even men could suffer from GBV.

Let’s watch the videos of tonight’s drama on Uzalo:


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