Watch: Thato unleashes hell at Bev and shuts down the RHOC reunion! “Your daughter is sleeping with your ex-husband!”

Mzansi is unimpressed with the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Cape Town

Thato unleashed hell at Bev and shut down the RHOC reunion!  Sunday night saw the most catastrophic reunion in the Real Housewives franchise in Mzansi.

The ladies brought their A game and landed in beautiful designer gowns and glamorous hairstyles.

The show was hosted by the legendary Vusi Thwala, whom the viewers were not impressed with, but we will get to that.

It all started from the sitting arrangement, which clearly defined the factions formed during the show.

Thato arrived first on set and sat with Rooksi and Rush, while Love Line, Bev and Camilla sat on the opposite couch, joined by Lou.

The problem started with Camilla constantly interjecting whenever Thato would speak and Thato retaliating by throwing obscenities at her.

Last week at the finale, we reported that Thato lost it after Camilla called her a fake winemaker and invited a full glass of Red wine emptied on her face from Thato.

One would think that tempers had gone down after a few months without seeing each other, but we were soon proven very wrong.

Real Housewives of Cape Town star Thato Montse owns a winery brand. Image: Instagram/Thato
Real Housewives of Cape Town star Thato Montse owns a winery brand. Image: Instagram/Thato

Camilla resurrected an incident that turned her and Thato into enemies on the show. She accused Rooksie and Thato of taking a tour of her house without consulting her. The two denied it, and the review of the taped show revealed that they had started to but got distracted.

Camilla was called a hypocrite because she had printed out a picture she had brought to support her case.

Thato called her out for not punishing Bev, who burnt a sage herb in Camilla’s house without consulting her.

Thato throws wine at Camilla's face in the epic finale of The Real Housewives of Cape Town
Thato throws wine at Camilla’s face in the epic finale of The Real Housewives of Cape Town. Image: Twitter

This led to an uncontrollable argument between the ladies for a long time. This brings us back to Vusi Thwala, whom the viewers feel couldn’t control his guests and let things get out of control.

Bev called Thato Bipolar and suggested she get help, and that’s when Thato threw a missile that no one saw coming.

She tells Bev to take care of her own family because her ex-husband is sleeping with her daughter after calling her a pump and a prostitute several times.

Thato shut down the show, and everything ended in tears, and the ladies sitting on the opposite couch left the set.

Bev was crying, and the others tried to support him. Even the ladies sitting with Thato were shocked and called her to order.

Viewers couldn’t help but detect racial undertones where they felt that Camilla and Bev became friends because they were of the same race, and they ganged up on her with Loveline to bring her wine business down.

The second part is airing on Sunday.

Watch Thato and Bev on Real Housewives of Cape Town below:

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