Watch: Sithelo Shozi gets ‘curves’ in plastic surgery procedure in Turkey, shares before and after videos

Sithelo Shozi shares before and after plastic surgery pictures in Turkey

Sithelo Shozi flew to Turkey, the land of plastic surgery. Initially, she said she was in Turkey to get some work done on her teeth but told her fans she was getting a mommy makeover that usually involves liposuction around the abdomen and body enhancement around the bottom region.

After a woman gives birth, especially a few times, her body changes, and some women opt to get, some work done on them. After she flew to Turkey, the influencer Inno Morolong said she was the one who influenced Sithelo. Inno was the first to go to the exact clinic the Sithelo went to. Inno was saying Sithelo blocked her despite the Hell and Back hitmaker being inspired by her.

Sithelo is currently in her recovery bed and was even discharged from the hospital. According to her, the procedure went well, and she has no complaints. Now that she is discharged, she can entirely focus on healing and getting back to doing the things she could do before all the pain she is feeling.

Sithelo’s before and after plastic surgery pictures

Years ago, Sithelo was a bit chubby, but after getting her second baby, she enrolled on a fitness journey. After having her third child, she went on to lose more weight. It all seemed to crumble when she was seen eating a lot and her followers thought she was now neglecting her body, but she had a plan. She has now revealed that she had to gain some weight over the past few months to acquire the necessary fat to put on her bottom region.

DJ Sithelo Shozi - Source: Instagram
DJ Sithelo Shozi – Source: Instagram

Now that the procedure is done, her waist is smaller than before. Previously she had hip dips, but now her hips are fuller and plumper. From now on, she will have a body ratio with a tiny waist and wide hips.

Recovery from plastic surgery is never easy for anyone. In the end, she will have a fantastic body, but the pain she is currently feeling is very excruciating. Presently she cannot perform normal tasks like walking fast, sitting down or even squatting on the toilet seat. But as they say, no pain, no gain.

Another significant factor after having such a procedure done on a person’s body is having to wear shapewear. Since this is a procedure that takes fat from one region and transfers it to the next, the body has to be intact, so the fat stays where it was intended to. Sithelo also shared an image of herself lying face down on the bed. This is also to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself.

Another video she said is footage of herself walking slowly with a drip in her hand. She said she is taking one step at a time.

Sithelo went along to say that there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. She says when a woman gives birth a few times and she doesn’t like her body, she has the right to change it; as modern as the present day is, there are still people who see plastic surgery as vanity and an act taboo. Many women get plastic surgery, and she is pushing the narrative that a woman should choose what works for her.

Watch Sithelo’s videos during plastic surgery below:

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