Watch: Shauwn Mkhize and Andile Mpisane chauffeur-driven like the Royal family in Dubai

Shauwn Mkhize and Andile Mpisane travel like kings in Dubai on their way to USA

Shauwn Mkhize and her son, Andile Mpisane whom she calls her prince have jetted off to Dubai on their way to the USA. . Shauwn was draped in a Gucci fit inside the business section of a plane. As they were travelling, she kept followers engaged with slight teasers of her trip with Andile.

Upon arriving at an airport in Dubai, the two got into a cute luxurious vehicle that drove them to a 5-star hotel. Her hotel room had small glittery rhinestones at the ceiling so she could feel like she was star gazing.

Why the trip to Emirates

Today is the 19th of February 2022, the day of the Legendz of the Streetz Tour. Andile announced earlier on that he’ll be one of the opening acts for the music festival. Performances will commence tonight at 19:00. Andile will perform his upcoming single Ubala and his mother MaMkhize will be there to cheer her son on. With a major platform like this, Andile will have an impressive resume in the music sphere.

Andile Mpisane to perform along side Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane in America on Legendz of the Streetz Tourz.
Andile Mpisane to perform along side Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane in America on Legendz of the Streetz Tourz. Image Credit: AndileMpisane/Instagram

Ubala single and Andile’s music career

Andile hasn’t released the song yet but, his fans are highly anticipating the release. Apart from Ubala, Andile has a few songs under his belt that aren’t too popular. He has won a Best Music Video Award, however. When he performs his songs, he has explosive energy, great dance moves and diaphragm control. We can conclude that he’s great at performing but, we’re yet to see how well he actually makes music.

During his last performance at KONKA, the crowd had mixed emotions, some were just standing and watching and some were dancing.

More on the trip

MaMkhize and Andile took a shot left to Dubai before heading to the States. Many wealthy people prefer landing in Dubai for rest prior to going to the United States of America, Turkey, Europe, India and many more. A rest in Dubai prevents one from flying too long and having more jet legs. Today, we’ll see them flying again to America and, we’ll see how his performance goes.

Watch Andile Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize in Dubai

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