Watch on Uzalo: Nkunzi will find out that Sbu poisoned him after a flashback of his memory

Nkunzi will find out that Sbu poisoned him

On Uzalo: The end of the soft life begins for Nonka and her clan as they move back to their two-roomed house at KwaMashu. The reasons Vika always wears white are exposed and Nkunzi will find out that Sbu poisoned him and find out how.

From Heroes to Zeros

The family has moved back to KwaMashu, and it looks terrible. Nonka has lost the money and can no longer pay for the house.

Today they are going to face the consequences. MaDlala will visit them at the mansion and discover that they have moved back to their old home. MaDlala then visits MaDongwe, but she refuses to open the door or answer her calls, we guess from embarrassment.

Dark Angel in White

Vika has made his return and much to the happiness of the show’s viewers.
He didn’t necessarily receive a welcoming committee but felt at home.

We all know that Vika is always dressed in full white almost every day this has become his signature look and we have wondered why.

In last night’s episode, we heard for the first time that he didn’t just do it as a fashion move, that white, is symbolic and sentimental to him.

Vika had a memory of his mother when he arrived at his home. He was a young boy enjoying receiving new clothing, and we saw his mother for the first time. These two were laughing and having a good time, and then he asked his mother why she had bought him mostly white clothes.

Vika is calling the shots
Vika is calling the shots. Image: Instagram/Uzalo

His mother told him that it’s because white represents light and purity, and that’s what she wants Vika also to represent.
This memory was a fond one to Vika, but we all know that he didn’t end up representing what his mother wanted for him.
Clearly, he still wants to attract the light as he wears white. He was wearing all white last night while helping his father Gebetsheni fix his car uStofuza.

Nkunzi’s memory returns

In the last few episodes, Nkunzi had a flashback of the night he was poisoned and almost died.

The memory was so vivid it caused him to freeze and space out for a few seconds, and once he gathered himself, he started murmuring Putin’s name.

If you can remember well, Nkunzi had a visit from Mondli, who asked him to say the name of the person whom he suspects of trying to kill him.

After flashes back, he starts realizing that Putin is not the one who tried to kill him; if he keeps flashing back to that night, then he will remember that Sbu returned to the house after he and Mr Thwala passed out.
Sbu came in to boast about killing Nkunzi, and Mr Mthethwa was a casualty in the matter; he was dead, but Nkunzi was just unconscious.

Watch Nkunzi having flashbacks below:

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