Watch: Mr Bones 3 trailer released as comedy movie is set to return

Mr Bones 3

Leon Schuster is one of the top South African actors and has been working on his latest project, Mr Bones 3. Like the previous movies, Mr Bones viewers expect a fun-packed offering. The comedy movies started in 2001, and he will be releasing Mr Bones 3 on the 22nd of April 2022.

Schuster’s success has not been without its hurdles. As times changed, with the Black Lives Matter movement gripping the world, people’s mindsets changed as some depicted movies as racist. He was criticized for painting his face black in the film to be seen as a black man. His films were removed Showmax for being racist, but black South Africans, in particular, have always seen Leon as their own. Viewers believe Schuster movies mean to educate South Africans about racism.

Who is in Mr Bones 3: Son of Bones

Alfred “Shorty” Ntombela looks to be one of the main actors. Much of the trailer’s time is concentrated on Ntombela as the son of lead actor Schuster.

The movie

‘My name is Bones,’ Schuster says as he introduces himself in the movies as trademark laughter of Ntombela is heard in the background. The film feels the same as Schuster assumes the role of a traditional white healer throwing bones to predict the future. ‘I can see what is past here by throwing of the bones, but what the bones never showed me is how to be a father,’ Schuster is heard talking in the video as he pulls a wrinkle faced baby while assisting the mother to give birth. The baby scaringly laughed at him, presenting him with a new mystery to solve in his family. Ntombela is seen causing a lot of problems as the son of Schuster.

Leon Schuster plays Mr Bones(right). Picture from Facebook

More about Schuster

Leon Ernest ‘Schucks’ Schuster was born 21 May 1951; he is a South African producer, comedian, singer and presenter who doesn’t seem bothered by what people say about him. Leon was rated at number 43 in SABC’s most significant poll for his contributions to the arts. He set is to release another movie in April 2022. The film is a continuation of the Mr Bones series. He released Mr Bones 1 and 2 a long time ago, and they were hits for a very long time, so he is back with number 3.

Watch the trailer below.

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