Watch: Mpho Wabadimo becomes the first female to win the Big Brother Mzansi

Mpho Wabadimo becomes the first female to win the Big Brother Mzansi

Mpho Wabadimo has been the fan favourite in the Big Brother Mzansi house from the beginning, even when many didn’t think she would take up R2 million in the end.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten weeks already. When the first episode aired, everybody had their favourite in the house, and the weeks went by so fast.

Throughout the show, Mpho Wabadimo, whose real name is Michele Mvundla, had the most consistent fans.
She was always competing with Nale for fans. Nale was one of the most loved in the house for her beauty and grace, but Mpho was always there with her.

Fans had fallen in love with Themba, and he was the most loved out of all the guys there.

Being the first woman to win Big Brother, Mpho Wabadimo made history tonight.
Mpho went head to head with Gesh1, who has also gone through so many nominations and faced being voted more than many who left the house before him.

Big Brother Mzansi opened its doors on the 23rd of January 2022, and from that evening, it was competition time.

Mpho Wabadimo got 42% of the votes, followed by Gash1 with 35%. Themba came in the third position with 17% of the votes tonight.

Mpho said she was feeling so happy, and she also acknowledged that she was the first female winner in the history of Big Brother Mzansi.

As you all know, Mpho Wabadimo is an unapologetic Traditional Healer, and her fans call themselves The Underground Gang. The Gang came through for her 2 million times tonight, and Mpho Wabadimo is the Season 3 Big Brother Mzansi winner for 2022.

Mphowabadimo is a Sangoma
Mphowabadimo is a Sangoma: Image Credit @Instagram

The show kicked off with a bang, and we had Micasa bringing down the house. The performances were fantastic, including Zakes Bantwini and more.

Tonight’s show was stressful for the last housemates, especially when Themba got the boot; Gash1 and Mpho both started feeling the pressure.

Mpho was crowned Queen of the House in front of all contestants for this year’s competition. A video of her family watching the crowning has gone viral.

Watch all the excitement below:

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