Watch: Maumela Mahuwa ‘Susan’ impresses Mzansi with her singing skills on Muvhango

Maumela Mahuwa

Watch as Maumela Mahuwa ‘Susan’ impresses Mzansi with her singing skills on Muvhango.

Maumela Mahuwa made it to the headlines after a video of her singing was shared on social media, and many Twitter users were left in stitches. The actress has shut her haters up in a recent episode of Muvhango as she proved herself to be a vocal goddess. Maumela has proved that singing is in her blood and many people agree with her.

In last night’s episode of Muvhango, the Royal family decided to follow Mulimisi’s orders and let Vho-Mukondeleli go. The chief Azwindini called all the family and friends of the older lady to tell them they were pulling the plug. That made some come from Joburg to be with their family when they said their final goodbyes.

While they were in the hospital, the crowd started singing, and Susan led the song they did as the lead. Susan surprised many viewers with how good she was at singing. Many viewers of the show agreed that she was a good musician. The plug was later pulled, and the EKG flatlined, showing that Mukondeleli was gone.

Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa’s singing skills impress fans

Compliments on Susan's voice
Compliments on Susan’s voice-Image Source(Facebook)

In the wake of this emotional episode, many Muvhango viewers had their hearts broken as they hoped the granny would wake up someday. However, to some, there was a silver lining to all that. The actress who was ridiculed for being a lousy singer used the Telenovela as a platform to prove her gift. No one can be caught questioning the actress’s vocal skills at this point in town.

Maumela Mahuwa dropped a gospel album back in 2016, her first studio work. Some of the songs were rap songs where she tried rap skills. The actress, who is also a pastor, is multi-talented and has a bright future making music if she ever goes back to the studio.

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