Watch: Mampintsha and Young Stunna are working on new music together

Mampintsha and Young Stunna are working on new music together

Mampintsha and Young Stunna are rumoured to be collaborating on new music. In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, the two can be seen close to one another and seem to get along well enough to be planning to release music together.

Since it’s almost the holiday season, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when artists like these get together because they all want to be the ones to win song of the year. South Africans could, therefore, clearly see that Mampintsha and Young Stunna were working together when they were seen together. Although it surprised many to see them together, they are both kings of their respective genres, with Young Stunna ruling the Amapiano industry and Mampintsha having been King of Gqom since the early 2000s.

Young Stunna currently has a hit song called Sete that is playing everywhere. He is featured in the song by K.O, but since his verse is the most well-known, many people assume it is his. Mampintsha, on the other hand, hasn’t had a new song out in a while. Because he and his wife Babes Wodumo are not releasing music, South Africans have been making fun of them and saying that they have fallen and are no longer as great as they once were. Mampintsha recently lashed out at his fans, who said he isn’t the same as in the early 2000s in making music. The musician found this offensive and said he couldn’t stay the same person forever, so they must leave him alone.

But at the moment, Mampintsha is starring in the reality series Uthando Lodumo, which is centred around him and his wife. Mampintsha’s wife and child, Sponge Wodumo, appear to be his current top priorities. However, Sponge Wodumo is only his nickname; the celebrity couple has not yet revealed the baby’s real name. As it is rumoured that he is working on something with the young artist, his fans are thrilled and hope this will finally re-enter the music industry because he is so good at what he does.

Mampintsha -Image Credit: Instagram/Mampinstsha
Young Stunna – Image Credit: Instagram/Young Stunna

Young Stunna gained notoriety last year with his hit song Adiwele. Many new and undiscovered artists were releasing songs left, right, and centre at the time. As a result, his chances of getting a big break were slim and utterly dependent on the fact that people made his song go viral. However, the musician’s hard work paid off, and he was one of the artists South Africa recognised. Stunna has had several hits since then. One can only imagine what the new music by Mampintsha and Young Stunna will sound like.

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