Watch: Madam Boss to feature in Nigerian movie

Madam Boss (right) and Ngozi Ezeonu

Social media personality Tyra Chikocho popularly known by her fans as Madam Boss is set to feature in a movie produced by Nigerian director. The actress made the announcement through her social media accounts.

The visibly ecstatic Madam Boss revealed her new project through a post on Facebook. The movie is being directed by Nigerian actress Ngozi Ezeonu and Obidi Emeka Henry.

“Good morning guys. I’m excited about my next project Chronicles of Malachi. I’m working with award winning directors Ngozi Ezeonu and Obidi Emeka Henry. To Madam Boss fans i love you, and to Nigeria i’m coming…” Madam Boss said.[0]=68.ARAp6qSC7Bf7bo4VQFcUh0mYcLfTqSgS74MkCkn5ddCjXTUPABubCAydEJdOk4jCiQSUq1-dk-z58EUHkC7eAS6Ki6DoUSwa2_W_FgvdcBXs0QvDzb6JkOMRU3WNsHdx6L2gbyHudO6ld9IrSkxmr5MpNGO8LnjtpIVcYICB4n0PgfwkMD3bdcWYG0L6kFAVQ1S-9DOG1CKiVsxUBY94YvUgo1ukcpTnACdpMuLFobEWT9maw5m7nNnnsRvqMWZu6lpelarRS9nslALqwsxCZrd3EipmVhUbSCGj-XqnBu4t7Dn45qVQesgeumXyemtSrTher8YNatKlDXDDKD4NCXO5aBBOX1pCaGY&tn=-R

Madam Boss’ gospel music songs

Madam Boss started as a gospel musician during 2010 to 2011 but she was not able to establish herself in that industry. She composed songs like Sunungura in 2012. She kept on singing and in 2015 she released Munetsiwa Aripano, with a video that features her husband known as Mhofu. Madam Boss says Mhofu is the pillar of her career as he is the one who organises and negotiates endorsement deals for her brand.

Madam Boss performing Sunungura

Madam Boss and Merinda

She moved in to acting and started performing short skits. In those skits she depicted herself as a house wife who was boss to the maid Melinda whose name she intentionally mispronounced as Merinda.

Madam Boss with Merinda

Madam Boss as Dudzai

She then started a series of comedy called Dudzai. She acted as a troublesome maid who unsettled her bosses.

Madam Boss’ endorsement deals

Madam Boss has amassed a number of lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Lifestyle Furniture centre and the Nyaradzo Group. She fends off competition from other social media personalities such as Pokelo, Jackie Ngarande and Mai Titi.

Madam Boss is taking a big step in her established career as she seeks to reach markets beyond Zimbabwe. Hard work and consistency is what her fans believe to the secret of the actress’ success. she commands a following of more than five hundred thousand followers across Facebook and Instagram. She has done well to monetize her efforts as many artists like Gringo have gone to the rural areas after failing to survive in the comedy industry.

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