Watch: Katlego Danke gets candid on life and the importance of protecting your space

Katlego Danke

Watch: Katlego Danke gets candid on life and the importance of protecting your space

Gomora actress Katlego Danke appeared on “Wake Up With Metro FM”, where she gets candid on her life and the importance of protecting your space. Danke also talked about how she survived Covid 19 twice and is thankful to God for giving her a second chance at life.

Khutso Thaledi, the Metro FM morning show host, asked Danke about her love life and family. However, The ever-so-private Danke also spoke about why privacy was so important to her, saying:

“You give of yourself to your profession, there is an essence that’s you, you give to your family and your private space…that is holy, we have to guard it with everything you have.

“Once you allow that to get out into the public space, it cheapens it. It’s not so special for your child. I also can’t open my private space to people who haven’t signed up for my public life.”

Katlego Danke
Katlego Danke: Image source @Instagram

Gomora actress Katlego Danke also says balancing parenting, and a career is demanding and very challenging, parted with these final words, “As much as possible, I try not to go on social media. I’ve got a team that goes into that space, so they will tell me what’s happening…

“If I need nothing to get myself into emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, then I shut it out. If I am allowing all this stuff to weigh me down, so get into my psyche, to make me question who I am….then where do I end up?”

Alluding to the current accusations, assumptions and misconceptions that have been levelled against her on social media this week, Danke said: “For me. right off the bat, I’m a very simple person, very easy, I’m not complicated, you know. I think that’s what I need to remind people.

“I am also just human. People make mistakes; you’re just human, having a human existence and doing your best.“So when there is an onslaught, people just need to remember that on the other end is a human being… So whatever it is that you’re saying, it’s landing, it’s landing somewhere if they get to read it or see it.

“So let’s have that humanity amongst ourselves…and at the back of our minds constantly.”

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