Watch: Kabza De Small explains who and how Amapiano music started

Kabza De Small

Have you ever wondered who started Amapiano music? Well, we might have got an answer today after a video of Amapiano King Kabza De Small speaking in another episode of Joy Ride with Oskido.

During a conversation featuring DJ Okido, Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, Kabza knew how the trending genre started in South Africa.

“You know the township DJs? They find a song that is 125BPM. But in the township, you guys would play at 115BPM,” Kabza started.

“Sometimes you get these mixtapes, and they are slow, and then you kind of feel the tempo. Because if you slow the tempo down,  the bass becomes 45,” The Amapiano King went on.

“So the producers end up trying a slow tempo song.”

“First is was remixes, and then Mdu. I don’t know how he came up with the log drum.”

Kabza believes the Amapiano genre has always been there, but Mdu changed it for the better.

“Amapiano music has always been there, but Mdu is the one who came up with the log drum sound,” he said.

Kabza credits the discovery of Amapiano to the experimenting attitude of township DJs.

“These boys like experimenting, and they always check out new plugins. So when Mdu figured it out, he ran with it, and when I got it, I jumped into the bandwagon, and I ran with it,” he said.

“So Amapiano music is mainly the log drum,” he concluded.

Oskido took time to explain the similarities in the way Amapiano and Kwaito started.

“Do you hear what he says, Mgiftana? And it is funny because this is how Kwaito started from international tracks. We called it ‘international’, then we would slow the track down. So it is the same thing. Kwaito is mostly 45 BPM,” Oskido said.

Oskido Source: Instagram

The legendary DJ delights in how established artists groom upcoming artists to become prominent in the music industry.

“It is just amazing how God works especially when he gives you something; then you pass it to someone. It is a relay and what I see is that we got It from somewhere, and then from there, when we started kwaito and Phori, we came up with Kalawa, we gave you the roadmap, and look, he is passing it to Kabza, who is also nurturing young kids. These kids are good. Sometimes I sit and watch them play,” Oskido said.

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