Watch: Is SK Khoza’s character Sabelo Cele an undercover cop? Viewers of eTV’s The Black Door are starting to wonder

Is SK Khoza's character Sabelo Cele an undercover cop

Is SK Khoza’s character Sabelo Cele an undercover cop? Viewers of eTV’s The Black Door are starting to wonder. The arrival of a mysterious, handsome newcomer at The Black Door has kept everyone on their toes.

Not much has been revealed about this new man, and that has created more curiosity around him. Apart from the fact that he is about to give Ganda Ganda a run for his money, there had been little saying until last night.

Currently, we are dealing with the death of Boy Boy and Matron has been occupied by this incident every day.

She is caught up in Boniswa completely losing it over her son’s death, Nka, her future dining law who suspects her for Boy boys death, rightfully so, might I add, and Khaya, who wants back into the Black Door and whose bus has been blown up, by Matron, so her hands are pretty much full right now.

SK Khoza shared a video of Sabelo from Monday’s episode where he is watching a wall full of pictures from the Black Door staff members and anyone linked to Rebecca.

SK Khoza as Sabelo Cele on The Black Door
SK Khoza as Sabelo Cele on The Black Door. Image: Instagram/Skcoza

Pictures of Khaya and his family, of Nka, Boniswa, Romeo and even when the bus went up in smoke.

Sabelo then points at Rebecca’s picture and makes a gesture that looks like he is pointing a gun at her and shoots.

This has sent his fans into a frenzy, asking him endless questions about his intentions. It is now very clear that he hasn’t come to strip and still Ganda Ganda’s clients only, he has a deeper plan, and it is with Rebecca.

The viewers started to ask him if Sabelo was a cop working undercover to catch Rebecca.

It is hard to tell at this point of the story, but from the little we have seen, here is what we can tell.

Sabelo is searching for something, and he is worming his way in like a slow poison. He isn’t there to stay for long and doesn’t want to get attached to anyone.

He is searching for one person who hates Rebecca but is forced to be around her for money, and that person is Khaya.

These two are going head to head with one another. Because of Khaya’s depression after the bus explosion, Sabelo will become the better man, forcing Rebecca to employ him permanently.

So, what did Rebecca do to Sabelo?

Watch Sabelo connecting the dots on Rebecca’s life like a police officer below:

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