Watch: Gomora’s Gladys ‘Thembi Seete’ struggle to complete the long-step challenge against ‘Bongani’ Thulani Mtsweni

Thembi Seete 'Gladys' struggle to complete the long-step challenge against 'Bongani' Thulani Mtsweni

Gomora actor Bongani ‘Thulani Mtsweni‘ started a long-step challenge, and Thembi Seete and other Gomora actors joined the challenge. Bongani is an undisputed fan favourite both on the show and behind the scenes. The whole Gomora cast agrees that Bongani is a vibe behind the scenes, and he makes things happen with his humour. A few months ago, Thulani broke the internet after he produced impressive funny dance moves alongside Teddy ‘Sicelo Buthelezi’.

It took a few weeks for most of the cast to join the challenge, and now they challenged Bongani on time. A few weeks after Thulani started the long leg challenge, some actors from Gomora joined, with Thathi ‘Katledgo Dankie’ being among the first to join. On the line was Mr Faku ‘Moshe Ndiki’, Teddy ‘Sicelo Buthelezi’, Gladys ‘Thembi Seete’ and Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’. The actors paused in that rugged stance for seconds before they all fell and laughed after getting tired.

Gomora cast long-step challenge – Image Credit”

Gomora cast does Bongani Thulani Mtsweni’s long-step challenge.

On several occasions, Bongani does the long leg challenge, where he stretches his stride to the maximum. To spice the challenge, Bongani captioned his pictures with words of wisdom and ancient quotes. In doing so, the challenge became popular among Gomora fans and actors.

Before shooting for the scenes, the actors took some time to challenge each other on the long leg challenge. Their faces showed the pain they endured stretching their legs, but they made sure to hang on. Ntokozo looked effortless as he led his stamina, but Gladys and Bongani struggled a lot. Indeed, age is catching up with the two actors who laughed and hugged after the challenge.

Watch Gomora cast doing Bongani Thulani Mtsweni’s long-step challenge.

Gomora has become a family away from home.

The attachment among Gomora actors and fans is essential to the show’s success. On several occasions, they dance and sing together, strengthening the bond among the actors. The fans are also glued to their small screens with Gomora and love what they see.

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