Watch: Fikile’s children’s arrival wreaks havoc, Ayanda frames Dali after finding a bag of money in his office this week on Generations

Fikile's children's arrival wreaks havoc

The arrival of Fikile’s children wreaked havoc in the Moroka mansion. Ayanda framed Dali after finding a bag of money in his office this week on Generations the Legacy.

When Mazwi decided to play the dad of the year and invite Fikile’s children to come and help prepare for their wedding, he didn’t anticipate problems.

The truth is Fikile’s children are a handful, and the Morokas are about to find out how much.
The two land on this evening’s episode, and one we have already met. His name is Bonga, remember him? The one who shot Mbali in the cabin one Christmas holiday when he took Nontle, Melo and Mbali out and stole his father’s gun.

The newcomer is Dikeledi Fikile’s daughter, and from what Fikile said, she hates her mother.
Looking at the snippets shared by the Soapie, she disapproves of the wedding, especially Mazwi, whom she calls a serial Groom.

On this week’s highlights, she expressed her feelings very well, saying she doesn’t want to be a part of a second wedding that will end up destroying her life and bombing out.

New character alert

You are not wrong if you suspect that Dikeledi’s face looks familiar. She is Neo Rapetsoa, and she plays the role of Blessing, the restaurant manager on the popular Mzansi Magic Soapie, The Queen.

She has come to turn the world of Moroka upside down.

The engagement party for Mazwi and Fikile turns disastrous when Fikile doesn’t show up to her party, is there trouble in paradise already?

Still on the Moroka wedding

Nkosiyabo decides to be spiteful and instructs Pamela to write an unfavourable article about the wedding. Nkosiyabo’s focus is to shame the Moroka name and refers to Mazwi as a serial Groom.

Things are going to go very wrong when this article backfires in Nkosiyabo.

Ayanda has been so busy with Gog'Zondiwe that she's neglected Nkosiyabo. Tonight, she wants to make it up to him.
Ayanda and Nkosiyabo. Image: Instagram/Gen The Legacy

On to the Malinga family Saga

Ayanda is still trying to regain Dali’s love, but it seems Dali has concluded this relationship, and Ayanda disagrees.

She will attempt an apology again, and Dali will reject it, only this time, Ayanda doesn’t just take it; she retaliates in a very dangerous way.

Dali goes into the field to catch thieves while investigating the death of Masina and other police officers; while they are there, things go wrong; the deal these thieves were trying to make goes wrong. The situation turns ugly, and a gunfight ensues; Zanele ends up being held by the bad guy at gunpoint.

After this incident, Dali finds a bag full of money, and for some reason, he looks tempted. He takes the load to the station for evidence but doesn’t take it in; instead, he goes to his office with it.

Ayanda then comes to plead her case about forgiveness and fights with Dali. He walks out and leaves her in the office. Ayanda finds the bag full of cash and frames Dali.

Catch more on this story as the week progresses on Generations The Legacy.

Watch this week’s highlights on Generation The Legacy below:

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