Watch: Coming up on The Queen Death and bloodshed will rule on the final episode of season 6

Watch, Coming up Next on The Queen, Death and bloodshed will rule in the final episode of season 6. Don’t miss out!

The 6th season will end on Friday, and as far as the teasers are concerned, we are in for a shocking bloodbath that will see one of the main characters die. The Lobola negotiations between the Khoza’s and Sebata’s went unexpectedly well, and now the families are gearing up for the engagement party for Thando and Bambatha.

Before we get to that, though, things are happening behind the scenes. Things that will cause a severe blowup. Cebo is planning to take Harriet out, and he is planning this with his mother, Majali. Cebo thinks that Harriet is short-changing Brutus in the business money of the Khoza trucking.

As Harriet deals with the issues of her marriage to Hector going to the gutter, she will be forced to take matters into her own hands when all her efforts fail. According to the teasers, it said she would go into the dark side. We all know what that means, right?

Watch The Queen teasers below:

The bloodshed will happen on Friday the 22nd of July, which will be season 6’s final episode.

Cebo thought poison would do the job, but then Majali approved taking out a hit; as they plan to take out, Harriet continued to come together. On the day of the engagement, a mass shooting will happen, and Majali will take her last breath there.

Coming up on The Queen after the season 6 finale

Season 7 will be the last season of the Soapie since it got cancelled earlier this year.
The first episode finds the Khoza family dealing with the aftermath of the shooting and the tragic death of Majali. Cebo will try to explain what happened, and his brothers will catch the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Brutus wants to find out if Harriet is behind MaJali’s death. He finally decided to cut ties with Harriet and declared war on her.

Brutus in The Queen
Brutus in The Queen-Image Source(Instagram/TheQueenMzansi)

Harriet ends up having to make tough decisions about her life. Everything seems to be falling apart, and Hector is asking for a divorce from her. The battle lines between Brutus and Harriet have been drawn again.

What will this mean for Thando and Bambatha? If Harriet goes to war with Brutus, Thandi will have to pick sides.

The first season of season 7 is the final leg of The Queen before they are now out from our screen in January 2023.

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