Beast from The Black Door “SK Khoza” does the CUFF IT challenge

SK Khoza responds after his sex tape goes viral

The controversial SK Khoza, better known as Shaka from The Queen, did the CUFF IT dance and used his Tik Tok account to demonstrate that he is not only a talented actor but also a bit of a dancer

In the video he posted, he can be seen engaging in the infamous Beyonce “CUFF IT” challenge with his two young nieces. The challenge entails nothing more complicated than swaying one’s hips from side to side. Although SK has the physical attributes necessary for a typical dancer, he may not be as talented a dancer as Mzansi had hoped. He does, after all, have two left legs. He can be seen trying to move his hips in the video but eventually gives up and lets his nieces, who were essentially in charge of the production, continue the dance. The final part, which involves jumping and clapping, was the only thing the well-known actor was able to do.

Mzansi couldn’t resist making fun of the media personality but not his niece, who was dancing, so it appeared as though she had invented the dance challenge. However, it doesn’t matter that SK could not perform the dance because the video became popular and is close to receiving 600,000 views in less than 24 hours.

SK Khoza
SK Khoza – Image Credit : Instagram/SK Khoza

In a recent Instagram video, SK expressed his gratitude to his supporters. He played “Thank You” by Emtee, a song musicians frequently play to show their appreciation for their fans. He acknowledged that his true love, kindness, respect, and support from his fans had influenced who he is today. According to the sweet video, it appears that SK is fully aware of the damage his scandals have caused. He also thanked everyone for their support and their prayers. In the video, he can be seen interacting with his followers, hugging them, and spending time with anyone who requests a selfie with him. The thank you video, exceptional for an actor, showed that he is grounded.

SK Sthembiso The “bad boy” is a drama king on and off camera. There is never a dull moment with him; whether on purpose or not, he is quite the entertainer. He consistently gets himself into trouble through his diva-like behaviour, and you only live once mentality. But he always manages to escape difficulty as quickly as he gets into it. He has garnered much negative attention in recent years for the wrong reasons. Many have attempted to draw connections between his controversial lifestyle and his problems, but they have reached a standstill. Recently, Mzansi has made connections because his scandals allowed them to peep into his personal life.

Watch Beast “SK Khoza” from The Blackdoor do the CUFF IT challenge below:


♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

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