Watch: Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s bouncing Maybach brings nightclub to a standstill

Andile,Tamia Mpisane and Shaun Sylist bouncing a Maybach

Newly married Tamia Mpisane is getting used to her husband Andile’s wild ways of partying. After their marriage three days ago, the couple has been drinking every night and at most times drawing the attention of party-goers. Andile bought a Maybach last month, perhaps preparing to travel with her wife in comfort, and last night he showed Mzansi what a Maybach could do.

In his marriage speech, Andile stated he is happy to find Tamia, a woman with the same goals as his. Their life appears to be blending seamlessly. Tamia is studying law and will be employed in the family business as soon as ready. Andile’s mother, Shauwn Mkhize, calls her Mrs AM as she is meant to be the Queen of the Royal AM brand. She already worked as an influence, and her understanding of branding and marketing will be valuable to Royal AM.

Married to Andile and his crew

Tweeps were quick to notice every time Tamia was seen in public. She is always with Andile and his crew. Some jokingly claim she is married to the whole team. In a recent video, Tamia is seen in the backseat with Andile’s best friend, Shaun Stylist.

The crew, present at Andile’s wedding, accompanied him and his wife at Party in Tanzania the next day.

Tamia Mpisane
Tamia Mpisane. Credit – Instagram

Andile’s Maybach

Andile announced he bought a Maybach last week with a video of himself playing his song ‘It’s too much sauce’ while test driving the car. He acquired it just a month after buying her baby mama Sithelo Shozi a BMW M4. He also went on to buy his wife a Range Rover Sport as a welcome gift to the wealthy family.

The R4 million car is now being used to ferry Andile and his wife to nightclubs and show off to onlookers.

Andile was spotted bouncing the luxury car as onlookers stood still admiring the group’s partying ways. Perhaps Tamia is not used to being in the limelight. She grudgingly concentrated on her phone as her husband pulled the trick to impress her wife and party-goers.

Watch Andile bounce his Maybach below:

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