Virginity testers warn against punani shaving

virginity testers don't remove pubic hair shave

Virginity testers have condemned the habit of shaving punani as they believe it’s unhealthy it is also a sin.

Local publication Daily Sun spoke to virginity tester Mhlathuze Magudu from the Ubuhle Bezintombi School.

“God made the hair for a reason. When you decide to remove it, you’re saying God didn’t do justice.” “Pubic hair exists for a reason,” said Mhlathuze

She further warned girls against using creams to shave their punanis which could harm them.

“Those creams aren’t supposed to be there. They can be dangerous. That’s you’ll find some girls having infections,” said the granny.

She believes the hair should only be trimmed when it becomes too long but not to be cut completely.

Virginity tester Noxolo Ndamase said she’s been testing girls for 20 years.

“I see girls shaving punanis to chiskop and encourage them to stop. It’s not “Shaving the punani can make it vulnerable. Stop this chiskop punanis, girls warn you.”

Most girls who spoke to Daily Sun said they liked their punanis shaved.
Mbalizethu Ngubane (24) from Mzimhlophe in Soweto said: I want to keep myself clean, so the best method for me is to shave clean because pubic hair holds smells.

Nonhle Mbatha (27), also from Mzimhlophe, said she’s a punani chiskop fan. “When its chiskop its easy to maintain and I feel comfortable with body. I’m not used to growing pubic hair.

“Even in public, you’ll have to scratch. I keep my punani hair. I only shorten it when it gets too much.”

Most guys said they like it shaved. “It’s sexy when it’s shaved,” said Lunga Mhlongo (30). Mduduzi Sokhela (33) said he prefers a chiskop punani. He said: “You can tell what kind of woman she is just be looking at her if she shaves or not. Good women shave their privates.”

virginity testers don't remove pubic hair shave

“If she cannot shave so how is she going to take good care of you?” A girl that shaves can take care of you.”
Nkosikhona Mthanti spoke to Daily Sun and said he prefers to be natural
“She should not shave because I’m a traditional man, everything has to be real,” he said.

Health expert Dr Lucas Khoza from Dobsonville said pubic hair was designed to protect against bacteria and viruses that can enter the body and it should be kept. He also said shaving regularly can cause skin damage and irritation.

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Virginity testers warns against punani shaving

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