Video: Nefisa Mkhabela, Onalerona from House of Zwide stuns fans by braiding her own hair

Onalerona from House of Zwide 

Onalerona from House of Zwide’s real name Nefisa Mkhabela stunned fans when she shared a video of herself braiding her hair. Braiding your hair as a woman is a strenuous technique not a lot of women know. Firstly learning how to weave hair is mathematical and problematic on its own.

What amazed fans about Nefisa’s video is that she used braiding hair. Braiding hair is synthetic and the most complicated hair extension to work with. All the strands of the extensions fly away like crazy. Braiding hair can go from 0 to 100 types of messy within minutes.

Using braiding hair on one’s hair is not just a skill but an underrated talent. Now not too many celebrities bother themselves with doing their hair. Nefisa shows that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

Nefisa Mkhabela’s hair

Nefisa rarely shows images and videos of herself showing her natural hair. A lot of stars do so. One main reason is that natural hair is very demanding of the time you spend making it neat. Most women prefer extensions or wigs for hair protection without the hassle of doing it often.

Her natural hair is very long, however. Her hair reaches and slightly surpasses shoulder length. Nefisa’s hair also has a lot of bouncy volumes.

Onalerona from House of Zwide. Image: Instagram/Nefisa Mkhabela

Onalerona’s image

As a fashion design intern, Onalerona looks very vibrant and unique. As a natural-born fashion designer, her character is very fashion-forward. She wears a lot of colours and a lot of unique patterns that stand out. Her hairstyle makes her image even more remarkable.

Hair beginning of the show

At the show’s beginning, Onalerona had four black long three-strand braids on her hair. She styled the four braids with a bit of colour at the bottom. She switched up the hairstyle with colourful braids in different shades.

Could she be her stylist?

Hair is personal. A lot of celebrities don’t style their hair regularly. Doing your hair, however, has been very addictive to many women. Perhaps her natural hair is very long since she does it to herself.

Watch Onalerona from House of Zwide braiding her own hair below:


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