Fist of Fury: Watch as Lasizwe’s boyfriend Jabu Brown fights Metro FM presenter Mpho “Mo G” Madise for refusing to return his BMW X3

Lasizwe's boyfriend Jabu Brown fights Metro FM presenter Mpho Madise for refusing to return his BMW X3

Lasizwe’s boyfriend Jabu Brown got into a dramatic and almost violent altercation with the Metro FM presenter Mpho Madise. Both gentlemen were outside an event in Soweto when the fight happened. If people weren’t around them to break them apart physically, the men would seriously injure one another.

Mpho Madise, also known as Mo G, has been on the air for years now on the station. He rarely ever gets involved with drama outside the station. According to Jabu, Mpho borrowed his BMW X3 and refused to return it. Anyone can be majorly frustrated in that situation, so Jabu shared his frustrations online.

Jabu’s first confrontation

Mo G was working at an event at a popular hang-out spot called Disoufeng in Meadowlands Zone 10 Soweto. Jabu approached him as he was working inside the venue. He asked when he returned his car, and the Metro FM presenter shook his head. When Jabu asked him when he’ll return his car, Mo G surprisingly said the vehicle did not belong to him.

Their conversation was getting heated by the moment, so security personnel got involved. Security personnel told Jabu to wait for the presenter outside so they could sort out their issues privately. He was indeed working at the moment, so Jabu was escorted to wait for him out in the cold. Jabu started posting about the ordeal on his social media platforms as he was livid and fuming.

Mpho "Mo G" Madise. Image: SABC
Mpho “Mo G” Madise. Image: SABC

The second confrontation between the two

Eventually, the Metro FM presenter met with Jabu again and spoke about the matter. Mo G was adamant about not returning the BMW to the rightful owner for some odd reason. As the conversation went further, Mpho and Jabu almost fought physically.

While waiting for the cops, it was tense, with both gentlemen fuming on their sides. Security and others tried breaking them apart until one person suggested they call the police. The police came and started interrogating both men, trying their hardest to get to the story’s root.

YouTuber Jabu Brown - Source: Instagram
YouTuber Jabu Brown – Source: Instagram

After some time of asking questions, the police revealed that Mpho was not the vehicle’s rightful owner. Police suggested he gets more questions at the police station, and the presenter obliged. Mpho insisted they all go to the station and voluntarily get into the police car.

As Mpho got into the police vehicle, Jabu hurled insults at him. He called him a fool for not wanting to return a car he borrowed. He just proved he is untrustworthy and tainted his reputation singlehandedly.

Mpho Madise and Jabu Brown’s career

As mentioned, Mpho Madise is a Metro FM radio presenter. He presents a night show from 21:00 to 00:00 from Mondays to Fridays. He does have a love for cars as he does car reviews very often. Mo G hangs out and conversates with his colleague Khutso Theledi, another big car fanatic.

Jabu Brown, on the other hand, has a very successful business empire built from scratch. He is a social media influencer and a digital entrepreneur. He does impressive technology reviews, and his other content is centred around luxury and lifestyle.

Watch Jabu Brown fight Mpho “Mo G” Madise below:

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