Uzalo: Watch as Mondli institutes unorthodox procedures to catch Vikizitha

Mondli institutes unorthodox procedures to catch Vikizitha

It’s an eye for an eye as Mondli institutes unorthodox procedures to catch Vikizitha. It’s a New week with New Episodes on Uzalo this week, and it’s going to be as exciting as ever.

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Mondli had gone rogue

Mondli is getting seriously agitated with Vika. Last week he found himself in a very dangerous situation under Vika’s gun at the scrap yard.

Vika is gaining more power in KwaMashu, and he is continuing to rub influential people in the area up the wrong way. One of the people is Mondli.

Vika’s last heist made Mondli and the KwaMashu police force very worried.
The police had started wearing private clothing because they feared for their lives. This happened after the devastating results of the first heist that ended up with an attack on Oliphant and Lily.

The new heist put the stamp on an already out of control situation.

Vika got himself in possession of dangerous police force firearms. Mondli feels like he needs to employ new tactics to get what he needs because Vika made it clear that he is out of his reach, so Mondli travels the road less travelled by a man like him; he hires a prostitute.

Mondli hires Coco, the annoying and Gold Digging girlfriend of officer Nyawo.
Mondli wants Coco to steal Vikas’ gun, so Coco has to use her beauty to attract Vika with her beauty.

Coco is seen going through Vika’s things and finally gets to the box where Vika keeps his gun, and she takes it.
Mondli is then seen talking to Pastor Gwala, letting him know that he can also act hot-headed.

Mondli institutes unorthodox procedures to catch Vikizitha
Mondli institutes unorthodox procedures to catch Vikizitha. Image: Instagram/Uzalo

Second chances

Gabisile’s career may have just been revived. An unexpected twist occurred in Gabisile’s life after the disastrous and embarrassing end to her short-lived Hope magazine writing career.

Gabisile received an invitation to host a show on K-Mash FM. Uzalo introduced Sthembike Mhlongo, who is playing the character of Flavia in the show. Flavia is a producer for the community radio station. In the newly released video, Gabisile and Flavia are seen in action in the studio, and Flavia looks impressed with Gabis’ work. They are working on a name for their new show.

Lily will reveal that she is bisexual to Nonka this week as well.

It looks like our week has just been made.

Watch the space as we keep you up to date with more on this Soapie as the week progresses.

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