US rapper fights to keep millions in SA after Burna Boy no-show

burna boy

A US rapper and businessman, Gregory Wings, also known as BlameitonG, is suing his partner and a ticket company over a cancelled concert in South Africa. The concert was supposed to feature Nigerian star Burna Boy, but he did not show up. Wings claims he invested millions of rands in the event and wants to stop his partner, Sadote Nwachukwu, from taking the money out of the country.

He also wants TicketPro to refund him more than R2-million that he says he paid under pressure while he was in jail. Wings says TicketPro accused Nwachukwu of fraud and opened a case against him.

Wings says he tried to help TicketPro recover some of the money, but he was arrested and forced to pay more. He says he has no legal obligation to pay TicketPro or Nwachukwu and he wants his money back. He also wants the court to stop Nwachukwu and TicketPro from fighting each other, because that would affect his interests.

He says Nwachukwu is demanding more payments from him and the service providers for the concert, such as the stadium and the sound company. Wings says he asked the service providers to keep the money in their lawyers’ accounts until the court decides what to do. He says he is worried that Nwachukwu will take the money out of the country and leave him and the creditors with no way to get it back.

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