Tumelo Matlala ‘Dr Khumalo’ from Durban Gen’s salary on the show revealed

Tumelo Matlala was introduced in Durban Gen, playing the role of Dr Skhumbuzo Khumalo when the extended second season of the show started. His character was chosen to be the head of surgery by Dr Dlamini, but he decided not to take on the post. The actor is handsomely paid for playing his role, and in this article, we reveal Tumelo Matlala’s salary on Durban Gen.

Tumelo Matlala as Dr Khumalo in Durban Gen

The actor takes on the role of a young doctor who joined the doctors at the hospital four years ago and is enjoying his time there. Dr Thabo, the superintendent, chose him to be the Head of Surgery because he avoided promoting his wife, who was the most qualified. However, Khumalo refused to take on the job and said that he still enjoyed his work teaching interns and could not take higher responsibility.

Tumelo Matlala
Tumelo Matlala-Image Source(Instagram/TumeloMatlala)

Recently the doctor has grown a crush on Dr Zandile and is making it obvious to anyone who looks at him close enough. This started when the two kept bumping into each other, and both began to notice each other, and he grew a crush on his colleague. In a staff meeting, Dr Mthethwa saw the subtle looks that Khumalo was giving Zandile and asked when he would confess that he liked her.

Tumelo Matlala’s salary on Durban Gen revealed

Matlala is famously known as a musician in South Africa as he is a well-known gospel singer. He was recently nominated for the best praise song at this year’s Crown Gospel Award show and shared it on his social media accounts. The doctor is also an actor in the entertainment industry for some time now, with several roles under his belt.

Tumelo Matlala
Tumelo Matlala-Image Source(Instagram/TumeloMatlala)

Because of his experience as an entertainer, Tumelo is a perfect addition to the cast and takes on the role rather effortlessly. The actor is rumoured to take home a salary of R45 000 for playing the role of Skhumbuzo to the t. The actors’ salary is mainly based on the nature of their roles and the experience of the talent cast for that role.

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