This week on Skeem Saam: Court disaster, backstabbing ,threats and bribery rule this week

Pretty and Lehasa from Skeem Saam

This week on Skem Saam there is going to be a lot of drama. The heat is getting too much for Lehasa in court; all fingers are pointing at his cell in jail. The case is a touch and goes at the moment, and Leeto is fighting tooth and nail to keep those handcuffs off him. Jacobeth is exploring feelings for Kganyago already. Ma’am Thobakgale finds herself hot and bothered by a stranger she met for only a few seconds, And Mapitsi becomes the publisher of the literacy project.

Tuesday 25 October

I pretty much started seeing things today. On Friday, she saw Lehasa nearly kill Kgosi with his bare hands. Is she finally seeing the light where Lehasa is concerned?
Jacobeth is already moving to cook dinner for Kganyago. Are things moving too fast? And the short story competition turns into a nightmare for all involved. The organizers feel the pressure as the students become too excited about this competition, leading to many putting a lot of pressure on themselves.

Wednesday 26 October on Skeem Saam

Presa takes another hit from a murder revelation in court. The trial severely strains the lovers as the truth turns out too hard to handle. Is this the end?
Kwaito is swallowing bitter pills from Mapitsi’s new appointment. Marothi gives Mapitsi a second chance after Zamo pleads her case. Still, he regrets it, and Paxton terrorizes Mosebjadi at every opportunity he finds to make her lose focus on the competition.

Thursday 27 October

More evidence comes up against Lehasa, and he is drowning fast. Marothi threatens Zamokuhle about his curiosity and warns him to keep his nose out of trouble if he knows what’s good for him! Jacobeth advances steadily with Kganyago and is preparing to go on a date. Kganyago wants what he wants and is moving fast to get it.

Friday 28 October

Lehasa takes the stand finally. We all eventually hear what lies he has cooked up for the court. Lehasa’s boat has been rocked hard, and his personal life is a complete mess.
Jacobeth is having second thoughts about the date with Kganyago. We all know he is after her pension money by now, and things will get messier as the story progresses. Marothi becomes desperate and decides to bribe Kwaito to shut him up; what is he afraid Zamo will find?

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