They deserve a gig: Watch as Imbewu: The Seed cast and crew nails the Waya Waya challenge led by MaZulu

Imbewu: The Seed cast and crew nails the Waya Waya challenge - Source: Instagram

Imbewu: The Seed cast and crew nail the Waya Waya challenge led by MaZulu, Mzansi left impressed. No doubt drama series Imbewu: The Seed has been topping the trends after its casts and crew dancing video went viral. The drama series joined a host of TV shows and celebrities worldwide who have taken the Waya Waya challenge.

The challenge comes against the celebrated South African multi-award-winning musician Master KG’s smash hit released years ago. The challenge has taken the world by surprise and has even given the song an edge on the top trends across all streaming platforms.

Imbewu: The Seed Cast (Source Instagram)

In recent years the drama series hasn’t been spared in several challenges that have topped trends. The Imbewu cast and crew were doing justice to the challenge, and several lead actors, co-directors and crew were spotted in the mix. Celebrated actress Leleti Khumalo was amongst those who nailed the challenge. No doubt, in the mix of things, it somehow brought a flashback of the Sarafina vibes where she played a lead role.

Watch the video below:

They have made all sorts of headlines after taking part in challenges like One Leg, Jerusalema, Umlando now Waya Waya. Mzansi has since weighed into the viral video. Many have it that they nailed to perfection and did justice to the challenge.

Mzansi impressed as Imbewu: The Seed cast and crew nail the Waya Waya challenge led by MaZulu

In the wake of the viral video, Master KG even shared a series of frames from the video on his official Instagram account and tagged the drama series.

Of late, the drama series has been making all sorts of headlines with its captivating storyline that has seen the rift between the Bhengus brought about by the power struggle to have power over the company. Well, Makhosazana has been playing her cards well, and it seems she is far from being done.

However, she wants a fair share of the cake. She will continue to influence and turn the Bhengus against each other. On the other hand, MaZulu is trying hard to keep her family affairs under wraps and bring everyone together, but it seems as if it’s something she can’t do alone.

Leleti Khumalo and Imbewu cast-Image Source(Instagram)

The drama series has managed to wow Mzansi despite being hit by a mass exodus of late. Several lead actors dumped the drama series in the eleventh hour. From contract woes to fallouts. However, in the mix of things, the show has managed to strike a balance regarding its viewership. Mzansi is more than thrilled with the new plot and storyline that is capped with drama and thrills. After all, that is what we signed for.

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