The River brings back axed actors Emma, Zolani, Lindiwe and Paulina to revive the boring storyline

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Trouble in paradise as The River brings back axed actors. No doubt the drama series has been struggling with views of late. In the mix of things season, five seems to be one of the worst. However, to regain the lost glory, the showrunners have managed to lure back some of its star-studded cast that dumped the drama series in the eleventh hour.

A few months ago, the drama series made all sorts of headlines when it confirmed the sudden exit of its lead cast. Celebrated lead actors like Hlomla Dandla, who plays Zweli Dikana, Lawrence Maleka as Zolani Dlamini and Tango Nceteza as Paulina bowed out of the drama series, leaving a lot to be desired.

Hlomla Dandala
Hlomla Dandala: Image source @Instagram

What comes as a shocker is that their exits seemed to be immediate as some revealed the likes of Lunathi Mampofu as Emma. In the wake of things, little is known if their exit or temporary. Despite all being said, the recent teaser for the upcoming week’s episodes has revealed that the aforementioned cast is set to return along with other recurring guest appearances, which in the past received favourable reviews.

The River brings back axed actors, including Emma, Zolani, Lindiwe and Paulina

The River recently shared the teaser for this week’s episodes. The teaser confirmed that the telenovela would mark the end of the tedious storyline of Lerumo finally being apprehended or killed due to his heinous crimes. As such, the story is moving on to its new chapters. A fact that marks the return of all the main cast members that are set to leave the series.

Lawrence Maleka
Lawrence Maleka: Image source @Instagram

Included in the returning cast members this coming week is Sindi Dlathu as Lindiwe “Madlabantu,” who is set to be at loggerheads with Lunathi’s Emma as she plans to publish a memoir speaking about the Dikana family. Emma’s actions seem to be retaliation as her marriage to Zolani looks like it will end. It seems like he will be returning to establish his relationship with Khwezi.

Watch the video below:

Moreover, Paulina is set to return. But instead of fans getting a happy ending to Paulina’s journey on The River, It seems that they might need to prepare for another tragic storyline regarding her and the “loss” of her baby. This is as one of the episode teasers explains:

“Mlilo’s supporters are tested, and Paulina’s depression finally drives her over the edge.”

While Paulina might not get her happy ending as she leaves the telenovela permanently. Her return does mean that at least viewers will be able to get another helping of acclaimed actress Winnie Ntshaba as Paulina’s fiery mother, Zodwa.

Tango Ncetezo
Tango Ncetezo: Image source @Instagram

How To Ruin Christmas star and veteran actress Chermaine Mtinta is set to reprise her role as duplicitous mother, Zungazi. But this time, it seems like she will be on Emma’s side as they go to war with Lindiwe. Moreover, with Emma returning and her marriage to Zolani seemingly over.

With all this coming up in the rest of the month, it begs the question, “Will this be the turnaround that The River needs ahead of season six?”

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