The Ranaka sisters haven’t talked to each other in a year

The Ranaka sisters

The Ranaka sisters; Dineo, Mpumi and Manaka, have confessed to having some challenges in their relationship as siblings, despite their seemingly strong and unbreakable bond. “We are not fake with each other, we do have conflicts,” Mpumi says, adding that, “This year has put our connection to the test.”


The sisters reveal that they had a big clash that led to them not talking to each other for a whole year until recently. “I am getting married soon, and it would have been heartbreaking to do it without my sisters. So, I am glad that we have reconciled,” Mpumi says. Manaka says that when they were invited to the Festive Get-Together in the Life Artois, she was hesitant because she thought they might have known about their rift. “I wondered why they wanted us three; me, Mpumi and Dineo. What did they know? Did they know that we were not on good terms? We didn’t expect to go through some healing process that we didn’t plan for,” she says.


The sisters credit their father’s 80th birthday lunch for bringing them back together. “We started talking again after a year of silence because of our dad,” Manaka says. “God has his ways. We were not talking when our dad turned 80. We came, ate and at the end of the lunch, we were chatting. We didn’t even argue, as one might think. By the end of the night, we were all crying, talking and bonding. There are still some issues that need to be resolved, but we love each other, we are siblings after all.”


Manaka also stood up for her sister Dineo when she faced social media backlash after having a mental breakdown and losing her job at Kaya 959. “I will always defend my sister even if we are not talking,” she says. “Fortunately, we had just started talking at that time.” At the time of the interview, Dineo was enjoying her life in Miami with her Podcast and Chill team, where she works now. The sisters admit that it’s hard to be in the public eye and deal with personal problems. “We were not talking and I don’t want to go into details. This was a big deal for us. But the way it worked out is what matters to me,” Manaka says.

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