The Queen actress Noma ‘Brenda Ngxoli’ finally welcomes her first baby at the age of 41

The Queen actress Noma 'Brenda Ngxoli' finally welcomes her first baby at the age of 41

The Queen actress Noma ‘Brenda Ngxoli’ had to wait until the age of 41 to hold her firstborn baby in her arms, and it’s such a celebration. Whenever a new baby is born, it’s all celebrations from family and friends, and many people bring presents for the baby. Since her rise to popularity, Brenda saw her acting career rising with each performance, and she is now a national celebrity. During the course of her career, she managed to keep her love life away from social media, as fans had been wondering about all along.

Indeed, many fans imagined a lot of reasons as to why she left The Queen, with salary being the most talked about. It now seemed that the rumour mill may have missed this one. Brenda was pregnant and wanted to keep it a secret until she delivered. Many fans are shocked by the news, yet they are all happy for her. Brenda had to wait for 41 years without holding her baby while fellow stars of her age or younger celebs built families. Finally, the wait is over, and the fine actress is happy to announce that she is now a mother.

The Queen actress Noma 'Brenda Ngxoli' finally welcomes her first baby at the age of 41
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Former The Queen actress Noma ‘Brenda Ngxoli’ welcomes her first baby at the age of 41

After Brenda announced the great news that she had given birth to her firstborn baby, many fans asked the obvious question of who is the baby’s father of the baby, but it seemed that this question would stay. Brenda is not ready to announce the father as she committed the father in all her posts. Instead, she even shared her friend, whom she thanked for being there during the time of pregnancy and this left fans even more confused.

Indeed, Brenda decided to go the Faith Nketsi route of hiding her pregnancy until giving birth. No one ever imagined that Brenda was pregnant, which made fans enjoy it even more. She later shared her pregnancy journey on Instagram, and fellow celebs congratulated her. She thanked God, her family, and everyone there for her during her pregnancy. After everything is said and done, we salute The Queen’s Brenda Ngxoli for her firstborn baby.

Watch former The Queen actress Noma Brenda Ngxoli’s, firstborn baby 

Brenda Ngxoli before leaving The Queen

After falling pregnant, Brenda could not hold on to The Queen so much and had to leave the show since it was already ending. On the front, Noma was a close friend of ‘Connie Ferguson’s Harriet, and she had been running Noma’s restaurant for Harriet. Besides being Harriet’s close friend, Noma was a crush mate to Brutus ‘Themba Ndaba’. All the time when Brutus’ family was still in the rural areas, Brutus wanted to have Noma as his second wife, and their drama was good to watch.

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