The Piano carrier: Why Idols SA judge J.R is the pillar that keeps Thembi Seete and Somizi shining?

The Piano carrier: Why Idols SA judge J.R is the pillar that keeps Thembi Seete and Somizi shining?

As unpopular as he might be, cool Idols SA judge J.R is the source of composure that keeps outspoken Thembi Seete and Somizi shining. The Idols SA management has developed to understand the concept of team and work and team balance over the years. It seemed that they know the profiles that can keep the show exciting, and they have done the same upon appointing Thembi Seete and J.R to replace Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams.

For a very long time, Randall Abrahams had been a pillar of direct and outspoken judges like Unathi, Gareth Cliff and Mara Louw. The composure that Randall offered to the team is rare to find, and that justifies why he is the longest-serving judge on the show. Thumps up to the management for being able to replace Randall perfectly with J.R. The thirty-five-year-old judge has brought what Somizi and Thembi could not offer to the team. J.R has settled with his role, and he does it perfectly; thumps up to him. In short, he is the one to carry the piano for Thembi and Somizi to play.

Idols SA judge J.R is the pillar that keeps Thembi Seete and Somizi shining
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Why does Idols SA judge J.R as the pillar that keeps Thembi Seete and Somizi shining?

J.R’s most potent weapon is the natural composure that allows him to keep cool with his emotions no matter what happens. This was evident in the early days of his debut season, where Somizi and Thembi almost choked each other, only for J.R to keep his cool, allowing them to cool off. The cool judge later described how it was to work with his fellow judges, and he said it was not easy as he expected. He said that he contemplated leaving Idols SA in the first days, but things have since cooled down.

Another vital attribute that J.R has is honesty, emotion, body language and his words. J.R has become that judge who goes straight to the point without beating around the bush. He speaks his truth directly to the contestants, making sure to be brief and leave time for his fellow dramatic judges. It seemed that J.R knows his strengths, and he knows that of his compatriots even better. He has that knack for being selfless and allows Thembi and Somizi to take the limelight.

Watch how Idols SA judge J.R takes off his emotions after keeping them cool on stage.

J.R’s road to Idols SA judge makes him different to Somizi and Thembi Seete

J.R is popularly known for the fine music that he graced Mzansi with. He had hit songs like Muntu and Phuma that topped the charts in Mzansi during their days. Since 2012, J.R did not frequently appear as he took a backstage role in the music industry. He was a writer and producer for AKA’s album called Levels. He stayed behind the scenes as he wrote and produced yet another hit song, Shugasmakx’s single “Trust It”.

On top of that, J.R is a decent businessman who has managed to keep up a few ventures. His businesses are not that popular, but the experience he got from doing such work has developed his composure, and it was all meant to make him do wonders with Idols SA.

Watch how Idols SA judge J.R keeps his composure on stage when Somizi and Thembi Seete loses cool.

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