Tag: Wadiwa Wepamoyo Drama

Wadiwa Wepamoyo is a Zimbabwean drama local drama series produced by College Central. Wadiwa wepamoyo is dubbed a Netflix quality series as it stole the hearts of many locally and regionally. Premiered on College Central You tube channel to day wadiwa wepamoyo episodes amassed more than a million Youtube views.

Starring Veteran actor Ben Mahaka popularly known in entertainment and film industry from his previous role in Studio 263 as Tom Mbabo, Wadiwa wepamoyo is rich with new and experienced talent.


Everson K Chieza as Tawanda aka Mani Tawa

Tadiwanashe Bopoto as Nokuthula

Dillon Mafukidze as Steven Munyaradzi aka Biko

Ben Mahaka as Ba Noku

Lee McHoney as Ma Noku

Monalisa Tenderere as Shamiso

Tapiwa Nzira as Chido

Riley Rangarira as Kuku

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Story Line

Wadiwa Wepamoyo is a love story narrated by Tawanda known as “Mani Tawa”. A young soccer player whose main objective was to sign for English Premier League giants Manchester United. Tawanda with the help of his friend, manager and right wing man Steven Munyaradzi known as Biko looked to be focused on his footballing career until he fell inlove with Noku.

Noku and her family recently moved into the suburb and Noku’s father is a University Lecturer and her mother a house wife so she comes from a well up family. Falling inlove with Noku saw Tawanda’s commitment to his dream of football fall apart because he started to mismanage his career.

Tawanda and Noku shared the best and the worst moments in their relationship, across the Wadiwa wepamoyo drama series. Noku constantly broke Tawanda’s heart and Biko was always there to make sure his football “asset” is emotionally in good shape.

Introduction of Tendai, Noku’s ex boyfriend saw fortunes turning against poverty stricken Tawanda.