Kairo Forbes Biography: Age, Instagram, Net worth, Parents, KairoXEra

Who doesn’t love a cute and radiant soul exuding excellence at a very tender age? Yes, she is feisty and with that kind of energy she is showing everyone what she is made of. The Insta star’s fame isn’t only attributed to her parents but to the aura that surrounds her. Wondering how she does it at such a young age? The answers are here in Kairo Forbes biography entailing all about the star’s age, Instagram, net worth, parents and of course her brand KairoXera.

DJ Zinhle Biography: Age, Children, Boyfriend, Net worth, Houses, Cars, AKA

Many would think she is a lesbian because she dresses like a tomboy but the artist is a proud mom and has a boyfriend. She never anticipated to be a DJ, but look at her now. My brother Zak owned a company that hired out sound equipment, and he had so much love for music that he would always de-stress through mixing vinyls at home. One day he showed me how mixing works.” DJ Zinhle’s biography takes us through her life (age, children, net worth, boyfriend and more).