So Paid: Durban Gen actress Yola Plaatjie ‘Dr Jack’s salary impresses Mzansi

Actress Yola Plaatjie

So Paid, Durban Gen actress Yola Plaatjie ‘Dr Jack’s salary impresses Mzansi.

South African actress Yola Plaatjie is a fast-rising actress in the industry still finding her foot in Mzansi’s entertainment. She may just be starting as an actress, but she is already a household name. The talent she portrays in her role as Dr jack in Durban Gen has placed her on the track to being one of the most sought-after actresses in Mzansi.

Yola as Dr Jack on Durban Gen

Yola joined the cast at the beginning of the second season with three other actors portraying Dr Bhengu and Thembinator. Fans were excited at the arrival of new faces to the telenovela, and they brought so much drama. Dr Jack was the timid doctor who went to school on a scholarship and was looked down on at first. One attribute she possessed that her fellow interns did not have was her honesty.

Dr Jack and Calvin in Durban Gen
Dr Jack and Calvin in Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/DurbanGen)

Dr Jack has faced some ups and downs while at the hospital, and a big family secret is one of them. She discovered that one patient of hers was a recipient of her late sister’s heart. This opened a can full of secrets that she had no idea existed. Currently, she is in a relationship with Calvin, but they are sneaking around to try not to hurt Thembi and Sihle, who like either of them.

How much Yola Plaatjie gets as a salary

Yola Plaatjie, the actress who takes on the role of Dr Jack, is a recurring cast member of Durban Gen. Her talent is unmatched, and the showrunners pay her well for it. The actress is rumoured to be paid around R45 000 a month depending on the number of scenes she is featured in that month.

Actress Yola Plaatjie
Yola Plaatjie-Image Source(Instagram/Yola Plaatjie)

Actors are renumerated depending on the nature of their roles and sometimes their availability at the time. An actor’s experience is also factored in when negotiating a salary, which means the actors who have been in the business longer with prestigious roles in their past can easily get paid more for a similar role. Yola Plaatjie is just starting, but her salary is more than fair.

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