Skomota’s booking fee exposed on social media


Social media is buzzing with Skomota’s booking fee after it was revealed by a leaked conversation. The viral star has been in high demand since he became famous for his dance moves.

Skomota first gained attention in 2023 when he won the lottery, but his unique dancing skills made him even more popular. He has been earning a lot from performing at various events. Skomota has also been hosting and MCing at clubs. He has amassed a fortune from his exceptional talent, and many have been curious about his booking fees.

Skomota has kept his booking fees secret, leaving many to speculate. After many unsuccessful attempts, Mzansi finally got a glimpse of his alleged booking fee when his management’s chat with an anonymous event organizer was exposed. The chat showed that Skomota charges a staggering R90k to book. However, his management has not verified the amount that is spreading on social media.

The chat has gone viral on social media, and Mzansi has been giving their opinions. A few weeks ago, it was reported that the South African sensation makes R545 000 a month.

Skomota was in the news on 25 August 2023 when he won R3 million from Betway, a gambling platform. Interestingly, he found his soulmate while claiming his prize.

It is said that the woman who helped him withdraw his money is now his soulmate, and they have been showing off their relationship.

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