Skeem Saam shares a hilarious behind the scenes video in conversation with Lehasa about his trial

Drama as Khwezi and Pretty turn Lehasa's first court sitting into a fashion event on Skeem Saam

Lehasa’s trial will remain one of the most entertaining events on Skeem Saam. The trial was never short of shocking moments, including Lehasa fainting twice in court, Petersen cracking under pressure, and the drama caused by Pretty and Khwezi throughout.

As we all know, Lehasa took the stand on Friday and did not let the viewers down.

We expected fireworks, and we got exactly that. Lehasa performed worthy of an Oscar.
He pretended to break down and cry when he was being questioned.

The show talked with Lehasa behind the scenes to ask him questions about the trial.

Maphosatalkedhospital disguised as a security guard, but no one can prove that since his face is not visible to the camera.

Cedric Fourié has been killing the role of Lehasa from day one.
He channelled Lehasa on this sit-down and clarified that we understood where he stood.

Firstly he called Leeto a warrior.
He said he trusts him because he has proven to be a soldier in the courtroom.

The second thing he noted was that Judge Mavimbela had it in for him. Mavimbela hated Lehasa from when he used to date Nothile, his daughter.
He never approved of Lehasa’s hated ways; Lehasa also noted that all of his enemies were present every day in court to witness his demise.
Those enemies are Most, Bontle, Petersen and last but not least, Marothi Maphuthuma, who 8s a serious business rival of his.

The video shows the cocky side of Lehasa; we all hate to love. He is sitting on a couch with a glass of cognac in hand.

Lehasa and Pretty
Lehasa and Pretty; Image source @Instagram

Lehasa denies the accusations against him, especially the one disguised as a security guard that administered a lethal injection on Fanie, killing him.

He did note that the trial is the worst time of his life and continues to plead not guilty.

The person interviewing him then produced a picture of him that changed his entire mood.

“Do you recognise this guy?”

The picture shows Lehasa wearing the security guard uniform; his face is visible in this one.

Lehasa takes the picture and hesitates a little, and; he says

” Handsome fellow, he looks like me but…No, I don’t recognise this guy.”

He holds the picture to the camera, and it’s him.

The video received hilarious responses from fans who found the skit a funny way to show what Lehasa truly feels.

Watch the video below.

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