Skeem Saam: Finally Lehasa’s deepest secrets are out

Lehasa Cedric Fourie secrets are out

Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) has proven to be a ruthless and brutal businessman. He doesn’t mind hurting people close to him to protect his business or his family, but his end may be near as his deep secrets are out.

We all know that Lehasa killed Fani (Gift Mokhampanyane), dating Eunice (Oratile Maitisa). But he got away with murder as there was no evidence. He always knows how to clear all the evidence that can link him to the murder, but after last night’s episode, Eunice found a flash disk containing Lehasa’s secrets. The discovery puzzled and left her in a fearful situation.

Lehasa has committed many crimes in his past life, getting him into trouble. We all wonder what kind of incriminating evidence Eunice will find inside the flash disk. Everyone who gets hold of some evidence against Lehasa is killed, and Eunice’s life will be in danger if she opens the files.

Lehasa has killed many people trying to hide his secrets, and viewers will be relieved if he finally gets arrested for his crimes. He refused the paternity of the baby Seakamela was carrying.

Cedric Fourie plays Lehasa on Skeem Saam. His secrets are finally out. Source - Instagram
Cedric Fourie plays Lehasa on Skeem Saam. His secrets are finally out. Source – Instagram

Updates on what is going on inside the Maputla’s family

On the other side, a big story will break from Maputla’s family. The mother, Meikie Maputla (Harriet Manamela), will be sentenced in court today. Many viewers believe she will get the life sentence that she deserves. The family is still going through a lot at the moment. In the meantime, John Maputla believes that everything is caused by witchcraft.

While the Seakamela family is still enjoying winning the case, it will be a big day for them. They want to see Meikie Maputla being arrested for years. We all hope the judge will give her a life sentence. Seakamela’s family deserves some time to have happiness. Manual has been through a lot on the show.

The drama happening on the Skeem Saam makes the fans not want to miss the show. They always know how to keep their viewers looking forward to the next drama, and the show must always keep fans looking forward to it.

Lehasa’s secrets will reveal what kind of a person he is. Even his girlfriend Nothile Mavimbela will know the truth about him. Justice must be done for Fani, who was killed for blackmailing Lehasa.

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