She’s young: The Queen actress Olerato Lorraine Moropa’s age shocks Mzansi as she celebrates her birthday

She's young: The Queen actress Olerato Lorraine Moropa's age shocks Mzansi as she celebrates her birthday

The Queen actress Olerato ‘Lorraine Moropa’ left Mzansi shocked after discovering her age when she celebrated her birthday. Judging from her character on The Queen, Olerato is a lady in her early thirties and that’s the age many fans imagined her to be. Olerato is ‘Connie Ferguson’ Harriet’s niece, and they have been so close on the show. This is one of the reasons Lorraine has developed her skills so much that she is one of the best actors of her generation. She is that innocent soul in the Khoza family, where almost everyone has blood on their hands.

A few days before her birthday, Lorraine shared pictures of her mother and her young brother. This has since left fans falling more in love with her as they get to know her family members. Together as a family, they are a God-fearing family and go to the Uniting Presbyterian Church. Probably this has made Olerato uniquely celebrate her birthdays. Unlike many top celebs of her age, Olerato did not throw a fancy party, nor did she go clubbing other. All this seemed to be against her faith, and she had her way of thanking God for another year. What a unique person we have in Lorraine Moropa!

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The Queen actress Olerato Lorraine Moropa’s age shocks Mzansi as she celebrates her birthday

On the 31st of October in 1996, a young girl was born in East Rand and named Lorraine Moropa. Two days ago, she turned twenty-six years, and it’s been all joy in her family. Indeed, Lorraine is a private person who doesn’t want to show much of her personal life. She has since left fans wondering what she did in celebration of her birthday. Indeed, most celebs of her age would have done something completely different. She just shared her beautiful picture on Instagram and thanked God for life’s grace and gift.

Lorraine Moropa’s ‘Olerato’ on The Queen

It’s been a long, but The Queen is now coming to an end, and so is Lorraine’s journey with the likes of Brutus ‘Themba Ndaba’ and many other stars. Olerato had been bliss to watch since her debut on season 5. She survived death thanks to her innocence. She didn’t know about Harriet’s drug business and killings until a few episodes ago. This did not turn out right for her, but she later reconciled with her aunt.

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