She pays well: Actor McGyver ‘Mxolisi Majozi’ dumped ‘Durban Gen’ to work for Shauwn Mkhize

MacGyver Mxolisi Majozi with Shauwn Mkhize: Image Credit @Instagram

Actor McGyver ‘Mxolisi Majozi’ reveals why he dumped ‘Durban Gen’ so as to work for Shauwn Mkhize. Celebrated actor and musician Mxolisi ‘Zulu Boy’ Majozi is topping the trends after it was revealed that he dumped the Stained Glass production drama series to work with MaMkhize.

Actor and musician Mxolisi Majozi kissed Durban Gen goodbye a few months ago, leaving many wondering about his exit. The bubbly actor starred as McGyver. In the wake of his exit, it has been revealed that he is currently working with the Durban-based multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize. Of interest is that this came out after MaMkhize was confirmed to be joining Durban Gen.

MacGyver Mxolisi Majozi: Image Credit @Instagram

McGyver’s exit on Durban Gen

Zulu Boy dumped the etv drama series in the eleventh hour. He starred as a bubbly paramedic in the drama series. In recent months Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about the reasons behind his exit.

MacGyver Mxolisi Majozi with Shauwn Mkhize: Image Credit @Instagram

However, in the mix of things, the actor himself sheds more light on his exit from the etvs drama series. The actor has it that he left the show to focus on his musical career besides his new venture with MaMkhize’s AM Royal.

“I’m a busy man. I recently released a song titled Bamnethela, the former TKZee member S’bu ‘Amaloya’ Ntshangase. For me to be featured on the song is an honour. I still can’t believe that S’bu chose me. It means a lot,” said Zuluboy.

Actor McGyver ‘Mxolisi Majozi’ opens up on ‘Durban Gen’ exit and working for Shauwn Mkhize

In May, Mxolisi hogged headlines when he revealed that he was set to release new music with former TKZee member Sbu “AmaLawyer” Ntshangase.

MacGyver Mxolisi Majozi with Shauwn Mkhize: Image Credit @Instagram

Zulu also rubbished bold claims that he was shown the exit door on Durban Gen due to misconduct. He revealed that he initially tendered his resignation before calling it quits. According to the actor, he did file a notice to resign before time because he wanted his on-screen character to exit the show well, and this came after securing a second, more paying job.

“I am working with MaMkhize in Royal AM. I gave them 30 days to write me out of the script for my exit on the story. It’s not true that I was fired. These are just rumours from people who want to tarnish my reputation.”

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