See Tweets: Dr Malinga made fun of broke people while he was rich, Mzansi in disbelief

heartbroken Dr Malinga breaks into tears explaining how SARS repossessed & auctioned his furniture in his presence

When Dr Malinga had money, he made fun of broke people. South Africans have criticised the popular musician. In an earlier post, the trouble hitmaker, Dr Malinga, came under fire for disparaging the poor. After the star thanked the Chillers and the Podcast and Chill crew for restoring his dignity, people liked his old post. Linga made fun of people in financial difficulty in 2017 in a screenshot posted on his Twitter timeline. When responding to tweeps after the interview, some fans accused Dr Malinga of being haughty, while others claimed he was a gatekeeper.

Since his open interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Dr Malinga has become a social media sensation. Some unimpressed individuals brought up Malinga’s post from around five years ago when he was responsible for one of the most popular songs in the nation. During the heartfelt interview with MacG, the star acknowledged his financial situation and begged for assistance. He recently had some of his valuables taken by the taxman, so he went to the show to ask Mzansi for help.

Dr Malinga tweet about broke people
Dr Malinga tweet about broke people – Image Credit: Instagram/Dr Malinga
Dr Malinga being rude to a broke fan
Dr Malinga being rude to a broke fan – Image Credit: Instagram/Dr Malinga

This is what Twitter had to say:

@Loy tweeted I can’t believe he said this before when we all pitched in to help him.

@Lolary commented, “Even though this tweet was posted more than five years ago, you should be ashamed of yourself.

@Nathi said, “I’m not shocked,”

@LaryMpofu said: ” “Thanks, bye” comes off as rude! When you use language like this, you deserve to suffer.”

After receiving donations from Mzansi and Black Coffee, not everyone is happy for Dr Malinga. One Twitter user took to his page to discuss how Dr Malinga ending all of his tweets with “Thanks bye” is rude and dehumanizing. Since not everyone is comfortable with this, perhaps Dr Malinga should consider changing this style.

Dr Malinga
Dr Malinga -Image Credit: Instagram/Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga thanked MacG and his crew on his timeline. As a result of the singer’s open and honest interview with MacG’s Podcast, Chill. Mzansi social media users gave the star their hearts and money. After the taxman started pursuing him, he talked about his financial difficulties. The musician thanked MacG, his co-host, and the Chillers on Twitter for their support following the depressing interview. Everyone disagreed with Sol Phenduka’s claim that the podcast changes lives because they say the podcast ruins careers and stirs up drama, but since they did change Dr Malinga’s life, perhaps he was right.

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