See Pictures: “She’s not fit to play Tumi” Mzansi not impressed as Denise Zimba joins how To Ruin Christmas

Denise Zimba wants to leave Mzansi

According to the Netflix South Africa team, How To Ruin Christmas will now include Denise Zimba. They appeared very happy to announce this because they believed she would be the ideal addition to the show, but the viewers were unsure.

How to Ruin Christmas viewers criticized Denise Zimba, saying they didn’t think she was the best addition to the program. Netflix hinted that she would take Busi’s place as Tumi on the popular show after the tragic death of Busi Lurayi. Although the character she would be playing has not yet been revealed, Twitter users quickly commented and asserted that she was not up to the task of replacing Busi.

Some people said they should have killed off the Tumi character because nobody will ever play it like Busi Lurayi. Many people claim they don’t think she will do the part justice. They asserted that she lacks the acting abilities required for this particular role.

Denise Zimba
Denise Zimba -Image Credit: Instagram/Denise Zimba

Some of her fans defended her, saying she channels the same energy as on-screen Tumi because she is a very vibrant and talkative personality who seems capable of ruining Christmas. The photos the South African Netflix team released revealed in the caption that she is a solid black lead, which is why many quickly assume she is about to replace Busi.  

See Pictures of Netflix announcing Denise Zimba is set to join How To Ruin Christmas below:


How To Ruin Christmas is a dynamic mix of family dynamics, romance, and laughter. The show depicts the high-class Twalas and the ghetto fabulous Sellos, two different Mzansi families. Opposites that draw each other but wreak havoc! The show’s slogan pretty much sums up everything and proves that happy families are boring! Because it features characters drawn from actual black families, the show is relatable. The uncle drinks too much, spices everything up, the dramatic aunts, and the black sheep sibling. Perhaps more than anything else, the show’s relatability is its main selling point. The plot revolves around the wedding of Beauty and Sbu, which is ruined by Tumi, whom Busi Lurayi played.

There is no such thing as a drama-free African wedding. Sbu and Beauty are a couple doing everything they can to avoid drama at their wedding, but it’s too much to ask. The show’s impressive cast may be all the incentive you need to watch. Fans are excited that the show is coming back for a third season.

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