Salaries: Who is paid more Dr Mkhize ‘Sthandwa Nzuza’ or Dr Zondo ‘Fanele Ntuli’ from Durban Gen?

Dr Mkhize and Dr Zondo from Durban Gen

The relationship between Dr Thabo and Dr Zondo has been the talk of the hospital since Dr Zulu announced to other doctors during lunch that the two are dating. This was met with mixed emotions from their workmates, and even though most were happy, Mbali and Mkhize were openly jealous of the two. In tonight’s episode, Dr Mkhize and Dr Zondo will have an altercation, and this has fans picking sides and questioning who is paid more between the two.

While working together this past week, Dr Zondo has been connecting with Thabo, and they confessed that they had feelings for each other. Zulu learned about their relationship, which was not a secret, and told their workmates about the new couple. Mbali and Mkhize showed the most shock as they had been sexually connected to Thabo. According to the official page of Durban Gen, Zondo and Mkhize will fight over Thabo in the hallway while people look on and embarrass themselves.

Watch Dr Mkhize and Dr Zondo’s fight scene below:

Dr Mkhize ‘Sthandwa Nzuza’

The Doctor had an affair with Thabo Dlamini even though she was his late wife’s best friend, which led to chaos. The drama led to the death of Thabo’s brother at the end of the first season when Mkhize started wanting to keep Thabo to herself. However, the two have been getting along well, and Thabo even helped Mkhize with her cancer treatment and emotional support; they have been friends since then.

Sthandwa Nzuza
Sthandwa Nzuza-Image Source(Instagram/SthandwaNzuza)

Sthandwa Nzuza, the actress who takes on the role of Dr Mkhize, is no stranger to making headlines, and recently, she was on vacation in Singapore, which made people question how much she earns to afford her lifestyle. The showrunners pay the actress handsomely for her role, which is why she has stayed with the production since the first season. Sthandwa Nzuza is paid approximately R50 000 per month for her role as Dr Mkhize.

Dr Zondo ‘Fanele Ntuli’

This role is of an intern at the hospital who recently completed her residency and became a qualified doctor. She quickly started treating other interns like they were lower than her, which made them dislike her. However, he had Dr Dlamini showing her the ropes and teach her to take charge and not feel guilty for finishing her internship before her friends.

Fanele Ntuli
Fanele Ntuli-Image Source(Instagram/Fanele Ntuli)

The actress who plays the role of Zondo has been with the Durban Gen crew since the debuting of the first season. She has tried a relationship with one of the interns who left the hospital, but that did not work. Her role is a recurring minor role, and she gets paid R45 000 for it. She has less experience than Sthandwa, which is why she gets paid slightly less than her.

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