Salaries: This is how much Ntobeko Mathebula ‘Cebo’ from The Queen is paid

Ntobeko Mathebula

Ntobeko Mathebula has been in the industry for almost five years, but his big break came when he auditioned for a role in the popular telenovela The Queen. He is frying Mzansi with his phenomenal acting skills and is one of the most loved Khoza brothers. Not only is he an unmatched actor, but he also has the looks to die for.

Ntobeko plays the character of Cebo on The Queen; he is the third son of the drug lord Brutus Khoza and Majali. He is soft and calm, unlike other Khoza brothers, and was his mother’s favourite. Cebo was instructed to work with Harriet at the Khoza transport and logistics company and discovered that Harriet was tricking his father. He then plots to kill Harriet with his mother, but unfortunately, they missed their target resulting in the death of Majali.

Ntobeko Mathebula
Ntobeko Mathebula: Image source @Instagram

The death of Majali traumatized Cebo, and he later confessed to his family that he had a hand in his mother’s end. His brothers were heartbroken that Cebo was involved in Majali’s death, but they later forgave him and became a happy family again.

Although his family gave him a second chance, Cebo is no longer soft and calm; he has become a beast that can do anything to achieve his goals. Even his family is shocked by the man he is evolving, and Mzansi love to hate the character of Cebo.

What is Cebo ‘Ntobeko Mathebula’s salary on The Queen?

Ntobeko Mathebula is pure talented; his role on The Queen is his first acting gig, yet he is killing it like he has a wealth of experience in the acting industry. The actor also brags about how being on The Queen changed his life, and he is grateful that Ferguson Films allowed him to show off his acting ability.

Ntobeko Mathebula
Ntobeko Mathebula: Image source @Instagram

Many would have wondered how much the star is getting paid for him to play his role to excellence. Well, Ferguson Films is among the advantageous television production in Mzansi. Due to their excellent salaries, they have kept iconic stars like Connie Ferguson and Themba Ndaba as their cast members for ages.

For his role as Cebo on The Queen, Ntobeko Mathebula is taking home a salary of R34 000 per month, depending on the scenes he is featured in that month.

Actors get paid depending on the nature of their role, the number of scenes they take on and the actor’s experience in the industry. Ntobeko’s salary has the potential to increase if he continues to impress The Queen viewers with his extraordinary flair.

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