Salaries: Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ salary at Muvhango shocks Mzansi

Salaries: Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ salary at Muvhango shocks Mzansi

Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ salary at Muvhango shocks Mzansi

Muvhango has managed to keep its storyline alive despite spanning for decades. No doubt the credit can be given to directors and its star-studded cast. We can all agree Gabriel Temudzani has managed to become the Venda drama series signature. Tumudzani is best known as Chief Azwindini in the drama series.

However, not only on Muvhango but in the entertainment industry at large, the star actor has managed to become one of Mzansi’s finest. His splendid acting is definitely out of this world.

Salaries: Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ salary at Muvhango shocks Mzansi
Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ from Muvhango (Source Savannanews)

Well, just like those before him, the star actor started acting whilst he was still young. He saw himself making all sorts of headlines in theatre plays in 1995.

However, it took him five years to thrust into stardom. No doubt his thrust into the limelight came in the backdrop of the Muvhango gig. Since then, he has been showing off his flair on the drama series.

The celebrated actor has starred as Chief Azwindini on Muvhango for more than two decades. The man behind the Venda drama series is Duma Ndlovu.

Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ salary at Muvhango shocks Mzansi

The drama series has been served with cancellation petitions in recent months after a slump in views despite being one of the longest-aired drama series on SABC channels. It was first aired in 1997.

One would probably admit that the reign of hit drama series like Muvhango and Generations is nearly ending after introducing new drama series such as Uzalo. However, in the mix of things, changes in storylines and cast have been blamed for the slump in viewers.

Despite a slump in viewership rates, many questions have been asked regarding how much Muvhango actors rake per month? Not so long ago, it was reported that Muvhango actors downed tools over unpaid salaries, and they were even worried after SABC took their contract for validation and consideration.

Muvhango cast (Savannanews)

However, this is not the first for Muvhango actors; we have witnessed Muvhango actors striking for unpaid salaries. Back then, in 2019, the drama series made all sorts of headlines when its cast went on strike for unpaid salaries. Given that it’s one of the followed drama series in Mzansi, every actor dreams of starring on Muvhango.

He earns more than you think, given his stay on the drama series and role prominence. Due to his influential role, the Muvhango lead actor and long-serving cast member gets between R120,000 to R130,000 per month.

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